Feel the Bass With These 5 Amazing Stereo Speakers

Mackie CR5-X 5-inch Creative Reference Multimedia Monitor/Speaker


Whether for home use or studios, we cannot deny the impact that speakers have in enhancing our listening experience. While speakers from our phones or other devices usually do the trick, they cannot compare to the sound quality these stereo speakers produce. 

The best thing about speakers, especially these days, is that there are many of them, but that is also one of its disadvantages. This factor becomes a disadvantage since the market is saturated with these products, that other subpar equipment can slip through the cracks and be sold under the guise of affordability. 

With that being said, how can we determine the best stereo speakers to go for? Read the article to find out. 

Factors to  Consider Before Buying Stereo Speakers

Much like any equipment, there are different things to consider when buying them. Most factors all boil down to personal preference, but there are also some that can be generally applied. Either way, there are things you need to consider before buying speakers for you to have a great listening experience. These factors are: 

  1. Sound Quality

The most crucial factor that dictates how good a speaker is is its sound quality. But the thing to note when it comes to sound quality is that it is still up to our preferences. Some people prefer speakers that can handle lower frequencies or bass, while others want sharper and crisp higher frequency sounds. 

The best way to gauge how different speakers handle frequencies is to test the speakers for yourselves using music you like to listen to often. Different genres of music operate under different frequencies, so if you want to listen to a specific genre, and if the speakers can handle it, chances are it’s the right one for you. 

  1. Size

The size of the speaker relative to the size of your space also plays a factor in choosing the right one. This factor can also refer to the purpose of your purchase. Are you planning on using these speakers for a home studio setup? Perhaps you want the theatre experience within the comfort of your home? Then getting the correct size of speakers should be one of your priorities. 

  1. Compatibility

One factor that plagues electronic devices is the compatibility with other devices and sockets within your home. Imagine coming home from purchasing a brand new speaker only to discover that it’s not Bluetooth compatible or the outlet doesn’t match your wall socket. These reasons are why you should always know the specifications of the speakers you’re planning to get and your home. 

  1. Purpose

As briefly touched upon earlier, you have to know why you’re planning to buy the specific speaker you’re going to buy. Knowing these factors will dictate your speakers’ size, number, and general setup. Maybe you want to recreate the surround sound experience you only get to hear in movie theatres; then, with that purpose in mind, you will know the number and how to set up the speakers. 

5 Amazing Stereo Speakers

Now that we’ve covered different factors before settling in with a specific speaker, let us present you with various speakers, each with their pros and cons, so you can decide which one to go for. Here are 10 amazing stereo speakers for you to choose from: 

  1. Yamaha DBR-10 2-way Powered Loudspeaker
Yamaha DBR-10 2-way Powered Loudspeaker


The Yamaha DBR-10 2-way Powered Loudspeaker is a speaker capable of delivering sounds up to 129db (decibels). Using the limit of our ears to handle noise, which is 85db, as a reference, you get the idea of how loud this loudspeaker can get. The high-efficiency 1000W class D amplifiers that make this volume possible are installed within the speaker, and it makes a world of difference. 

Other features include an onboard channel mixer, which allows you to customise the sound coming out of the speaker, and a portable design that will enable you to move the device from one place to another quickly. This speaker is also pretty easy to install, so wherever you want your speaker to be, it can easily be placed there. 

  1. Samson Auro D210 200W 2-way Active Loudspeaker
Samson Auro D210 200W 2-way Active Loudspeaker


One of the best things about the Samson Auro D210 Active Loudspeaker is how it balances different aspects and makes them work together, creating a highly efficient speaker. This speaker boasts a compact frame that can handle heavy-duty workloads, and when you try it, you will know it to be true. 

This speaker can produce crisp sounds thanks to its full-range sound reinforcement, meaning, whatever frequency your music, video, or presentation might be, this speaker can handle it well. Couple all of these features with this equipment’s lightweight class D design, and you get a portable yet powerful system for any situation. 

  1. Mackie Thump12A 12” Powered Loud Speaker
Mackie Thump12A 12” Powered Loud Speaker


The Mackie Thump12A 12” Powered Loud Speaker didn’t just put the word “thump” on its name for marketing purposes; it really does thump and shake the place due to its ability to produce low-end sounds better than any other competition. Able to handle 1300w, this speaker is one of the best equipment if your main focus is the lower end of the frequency. 

Other features of this speaker include channel EQ, where you can customise the sound, wireless streaming, allowing you to play your music or videos wirelessly, and all of these things can be done through the Thump Connect App on your phone. 

  1. Mackie CR5BT 5-inch Multimedia Monitors with Bluetooth
 Mackie CR5BT 5-inch Multimedia Monitors with Bluetooth


The Mackie CR5BT 5-inch Multimedia Monitors with Bluetooth pulls no punches regarding the quality of its components while still maintaining affordability. These components in question include Bluetooth capability for wireless music streaming or videos and a highly intuitive front panel that allows access to these features. 

This speaker is also ultra-compact, making it highly portable and able to be carried from one place to another without a hitch. Size used to be the measuring stick of how seemingly effective a speaker might be, but these stereo speakers prove that size doesn’t matter anymore today. 

  1. Samson Expedition XP300 Portable PA All-in-one Sound System
Samson Expedition XP300 Portable PA


The Samson Expedition XP300 Portable PA is a sound system packed with many features that make it stand out among its competitors. One feature that makes it stand out is the 6-channel powered mixer, which you can use to customise your listening experience. 

Sometimes, the natural frequency of the music or video isn’t enough for us, so having the ability to customise the sound is a welcome addition. Another fantastic feature of this sound system is the speaker locking design that allows the whole set to be carried in one go. Other features also include digital effects and Bluetooth connectivity. 

Check Out These Other Amazing Speaker Product Lines

While we have only touched upon five amazing speakers in this article, that doesn’t mean your choices are limited to the ones featured here. We have a wide array of different speaker product lines on offer, and all of them are just as amazing as the ones featured earlier. 

Here are some of the speaker product lines we have: 

Mackie DLM Series

Mackie Thump Series 

Samson Expedition Series 

Yamaha CBR Series 

Yamaha DBR Series 

If you are looking for other brands or series, then feel free to visit this page and browse your heart’s content.  


These are the 5 best stereo speakers that can help you take your listening or watching experience to the next level. If you want to purchase one of these speakers or other high-quality devices you can use in your home or studio, then let us at Expandore help you find suitable devices. 

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