9.Solutions offer comprehensive range of Innovative Clamping tools, mounting kit, suction cup for Action cameras ( eg., Gopro ) and lighting rigging tools.

This is designed to give support for various industries such as photo, film, stage and music , Most of the models are available for viewing and demonstration in our show room.

If you are working within a Photo studio, Film studio or even on the stage, this creative tools offer great hand in term of speed and flexibility  to your mounting of  lighting, cameras, speakers, wireless receiver and even Microphone.

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9.Soluions Python Clamp with 3/8″ Male Thread

USD 30.00 excl. Tax

9.Solutions 1/4″-20 Thread-on Quick mount Receiver

USD 7.00 excl. Tax

9.Solutions 3/8″-16 Thread-on Quick mount Receiver

USD 7.00 excl. Tax

9.Solutions Action Camera Flat Clamp perfect mounting onto cloth or straps

USD 24.00 excl. Tax

9.Solutions Action Camera L-Bracket Mount

USD 18.00 excl. Tax

9.Solutions Angled El-Bo Arm with Handle Locking-Mechanism

USD 100.00 excl. Tax

9.Solutions Barracuda Clamp with Kipp lever for tight spaces

USD 40.00 excl. Tax

9.Solutions Cold Shoe Clamp w/ Standard Shoe Sizes of 18, 20 and 22mm

USD 8.00 excl. Tax

9.Solutions Double El-Bo Arm with Elegant Knee-Locking Mechanism

USD 150.00 excl. Tax

9.Solutions Double Joint Arm with Ball Joints on Both Ends

9.Solutions El-Bo Arm with Elegant Locking-Mechanism

USD 80.00 excl. Tax

9.Solutions Ex-Sus Pole used to mount lights, cameras, and other equipment

USD 110.00 excl. Tax