Anton Bauer brings the field proven technology of the Logic Series Batteries into the world of film and digital cinema production with the CINE VCLX series of batteries and chargers. Offers a wide variety of accessories to power your shoot. From desktop power supplies to mobile charging and wireless microphone mounting.

Stasis Flex builds on the innovation of the original Stasis Support System. Redirecting the geometry of the handheld camera, the Stasis Flex® makes use of the most stable platform in the world: the human body

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Anton Bauer PowerTap FS4 14-inch cable provide power to DR-HD100 hard disk

USD 30.00

Anton Bauer NP-F774 7.2V, 4400 mAh Li-Ion Battery

This model has been discontiued.

Anton Bauer 15mm Rod Clamp Kit to mount Matrix Cheese Plate

USD 138.00

Anton Bauer 19mm Rod Clamp Kit to mount Matrix Cheese Plate

USD 138.00

Anton Bauer MATRIX Universal Cheese Plate for rail mounted cameras

USD 163.00

Anton Bauer SO-SC ALTA Snap-on Battery Belt for Sony F23/F35/F65 Cameras

Anton Bauer SO-14/28R Dual Voltage Snap-on Battery Belt

USD 1,200.00

Anton Bauer QRC-D2 Universal Mount with AFG Data Relay

USD 142.00

Anton Bauer QR-Gold Digital Universal Gold Mount with Analog technology

USD 148.00

Anton Bauer QRC-Digital Universal mount with AFG Data Relay technology

USD 148.00

Anton Bauer QR HOTSWAP-AR Snap-On Hot Swap for ARRI ALEXA Camera

USD 399.00

Anton Bauer QRC-CA940 Gold Battery Mount Bracket

USD 375.00