Azden located Tokyo,Japan, is very proud of such a long corporate history and, at the same time, really appreciate all stakeholders around us, who ‘ve helped in its business. There is no way to keep this business if  supporters haven’t existed. Azden as parts supplier used for turntable pickups.

After a few decades from establishment, we started to provide products using radio, wireless technology. Now, capable to  offer broad-range of products, such as wireless microphones, IR audio systems, headsets, etc. Azden’s mission is to provide cutting-edge products, which inspire its customers and satisfied them as they feel value on our products.

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Azden SGM-DSLR Broadcast Quality Shotgun Microphone for DSLR Cameras

USD 157.00

Azden 330LT UHF Dual-Channel Wireless System

USD 754.00

Azden PRO-XD Digital Wireless Microphone System

USD 211.00

Azden WM/T-PRO Pro Series VHF Wireless Handheld Microphone / Transmitter

Azden WL/T-PRO Pro Series VHF Wireless Transmitter & Lapel Mic

Azden WR-PRO VHF Single Channel Wireless Receiver

Azden WR32-PRO High-Quality Dual-Channel VHF Wireless Receiver

Azden WDM-PRO 2-Channel VHF Wireless Microphone System

Azden WDL-PRO 2-Channel VHF Wireless Microphone System

Azden WHX-PRO Single Channel VHF Wireless Microphone System

Azden WLX-PRO On-Camera VHF Wireless Microphone System

USD 161.00

Azden WMS-PRO VHF Wireless Microphone System