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JVC DT-E15L4G 15-inch Multi-format LCD Monitor

USD 1,308.00 excl. Tax

JVC DT-E17L4G 17-inch Multi-format LCD Monitor (LED Backlit)

USD 2,083.00 excl. Tax

JVC DT-E21L4G 21-inch Multi-format LCD Monitor (LED BACKLIT)

USD 2,166.00 excl. Tax

JVC DT-V17G2 17-inch HD LCD Broadcast Production Monitor

USD 2,724.00 excl. Tax

JVC DT-V21G2 21-inch Multi-Format LCD Monitor

USD 3,278.00 excl. Tax

JVC DT-V24G2 10BIT – 24 inch HD LCD Broadcast Production Monitor

USD 3,832.00 excl. Tax

JVC GY-HC500E Handheld Connected Cam™ 1-Inch Camcorder

USD 3,548.00 excl. Tax

JVC GY-HC500SPC Sports production /coaching Connected Cam™ 1-inch Camcorder

JVC GY-HC550 Handheld Connected Cam™ 1-Inch Broadcast Camcorder

JVC GY-HC900RCHE Studio live streaming ENG HD camcorder (without lens)

USD 12,162.00 excl. Tax

JVC GY-HC900STU Connected Cam 2/3″ HD Studio Camcorder (Body Only)

JVC GY-HM170E 4K Compact Handheld Camcorder with Integrated 12X zoom lens

USD 1,441.00 excl. Tax