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Libec RSP-850PD(S) Pedestal System – Studio Version -100mm

USD 8,824.00 excl. Tax

Libec RSP-850PD(B) Pedastal System – Outside Broadcast Version

USD 7,986.00 excl. Tax

Libec RSP-750PD(S) Pedestal System – Studio Version

USD 7,930.00 excl. Tax

Libec RSP-750PD(B) Pedestal System – Outside Broadcast Version

USD 7,093.00 excl. Tax

Libec RSP-850M 2-Stage Tripod System with Mid-Level Spreader

USD 5,585.00 excl. Tax

Libec RSP-850 2-Stage Tripod System with Floor Spreader – 100mm Bowl size

USD 5,585.00 excl. Tax

Libec P110S Pedestal System – Studio Version

USD 5,026.00 excl. Tax

Libec SWIFT JIB50 KIT Standard kit of the SWIFT JIB Designed for ease of use

USD 4,412.00 excl. Tax

Libec P110B Pedestal System (Outside Broadcast Version)

USD 4,189.00 excl. Tax

Libec RSP-750MC 2-Stage Tripod with Mid-Level Spreader (Carbon Pipe) -100mm

USD 4,077.00 excl. Tax

Libec RSP-750C 2-Stage Tripod with Floor Spreader (Carbon Pipe)

USD 4,077.00 excl. Tax

Libec RHP85 Pan and Tilt Fluid Head for RSP-850 Series – 100mm

USD 3,798.00 excl. Tax