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Libec RSP-850PD(B) Pedastal System – Outside Broadcast Version

USD 7,986.00 excl. Tax

Libec RSP-850PD(S) Pedestal System – Studio Version -100mm

USD 8,824.00 excl. Tax

Libec RT-40RB 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod System

USD 325.00 excl. Tax

Libec RT-50B 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod System

USD 447.00 excl. Tax

Libec RT-50C 2-Stage Carbon Tripod System Outstanding stability and rigidity

USD 782.00 excl. Tax

Libec RT30B 2-Stage 75mm Aluminum Tripod

USD 225.00 excl. Tax

Libec Sliding Plate L Long sliding plate for RHP75 / RHP85 / LX10

USD 134.00 excl. Tax

Libec SP-15B Floor spreader for T150B / T150C

Libec SP-2B Floor Spreader for RT30B / RT40RB / RT50B / RT50C

USD 123.00 excl. Tax

Libec SP-6B Floor Spreader for T102B / T103B

USD 168.00 excl. Tax

Libec SWIFT JIB50 Equipped with a telescopic arm extendable to 90cm/35.5″

USD 2,792.00 excl. Tax

Libec SWIFT JIB50 KIT Standard kit of the SWIFT JIB Designed for ease of use

USD 4,412.00 excl. Tax