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Miller Tripods

Miller’s main products are tripods and fluid heads as well as several Miller manufactured accessories such as dollies, monopods, spreaders and pedestals for professional camera support system. Miller products are getting more familiar with people because of their functionality, operability and durability. Miller products have not only gained fame in Australia but are also imported by US, UK and European countries since 1958 due to its high quality.

Expandore is the main dealer for Miller products in Singapore. We offer all Miller products including spare parts. We have been offering, but has gone extra miles to advise customers by recommending the best fit of the tripods based on their needs.We are the most trustworthy re-seller of Miller products in Singapore as we feel honored to be able to get the most value for money products for the customers.

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Miller 1042 Air Fluid Head Lightweight, Broadcast travel companion

USD 612 excl. Tax

Miller 1050 Skyline 70 Fluid Head Payloads from 4.5 to 37.5 kg

USD 6,759 excl. Tax

Miller 1055 Cineline 70 Fluid Head Easy to fit 1225 Mitchell Base Adaptor

USD 7,113 excl. Tax

Miller 1060 Camera Plate Large Euro to suit Skyline 70 fluid heads

USD 122 excl. Tax

Miller 1072 Arrowx 3 Fluid Head lightweight 100m choice

USD 3,408 excl. Tax

Miller 1074 Arrowx 5 Fluid Head Perfect for ENG/EFP Master

USD 4,371 excl. Tax

Miller 1076 Arrowx 7 Fluid Head Heavy Duty Performer

USD 5,072 excl. Tax

Miller 1204 Camera Plate to suit AIR, DS10 & 20, Compass 12, 15 & 23 fluid heads

USD 71 excl. Tax

Miller 1208 Camera Plate Mini Euro to suit Compass 20 fluid heads

USD 58 excl. Tax

Miller 1217 Accessory Mounting Adaptor to suit all Miller Mounting Brackets

USD 87 excl. Tax

Miller 1219 Accessory Mounting Bracket to suit ArrowX fluid heads

USD 87 excl. Tax

Miller 1221 Accessory Mounting Bracket to suit Skyline 70 and Cineline 70 fluid heads

USD 89 excl. Tax

Miller 1230 Pan Handle Articulated With Extender

USD 788 excl. Tax

Miller 1234 Pan Handle Short Grip

USD 187 excl. Tax

Miller 1501 Solo 75 2 Stage Carbon Fibre Tripod Integrated 75mm bowl

USD 697 excl. Tax

Miller 1505 Solo 100 3 Stage Carbon Fibre System Integrated 100mm bowl

USD 1,095 excl. Tax