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Rode Microphones-An Edge in the Microphone World

Designed by some of the world’s most experienced engineers, Rode Microphones are the leading electronics in their sphere. Designed to specification, Rode boasts of a variety of quality microphones. From lapel microphone, studio microphone to condenser microphone, the wide arrange of Rode collections will leave you with more desire than satisfaction.

For studio microphones, there are even more to admire. You might be spoilt for choices between NT-1000, rode NT-USB, rode NT1 and rode NT1-A which are all available at competitive prices.

Rode microphone stepped into this highly competitive field at a time when the available recording microphones for singers were either too expensive or of considerably low quality. With the entry of this Sydney-based giant microphone manufacturer, everything changed. Today, Rode boasts of quality wireless microphones available for use across different spheres.

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Rode Wireless Go 2.4GHz Compact Digital Wireless Microphone System

USD 171.00 excl. Tax

RODE AI-1 Single Channel USB Audio Interface

USD 126.02 excl. Tax

RODE Blimp Extension Long Shotgun Blimp Extension Kit for original Blimp

USD 66.60 excl. Tax

RODE Blimp WindShield and Shock Mount System

USD 201.84 excl. Tax

RODE Boompole Bag Neoprene Boompole Carry Bag

USD 38.93 excl. Tax

RODE Boompole Clips are designed to quickly and easily mount on microphone

USD 13.32 excl. Tax

RODE Boompole Lightweight aluminium construction – 3.3m

USD 142.41 excl. Tax

RODE Boompole Pro Carbon fibre boompole – 3m

USD 287.90 excl. Tax

RODE Broadcaster End-Address Broadcast Condenser Microphone

USD 378.06 excl. Tax

RODE CLIP1 MiCon Cable Management Clip

USD 20.49 excl. Tax

RODE Deadcat Artificial Fur Wind Shield

USD 37.91 excl. Tax

RODE DeadCat GO Artificial Fur Wind Shield

USD 28.69 excl. Tax