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When it comes to provision of live production solutions, no one explores it like Sony. With multiple featured Sony Professional video devices, no words can best explain the impactful changes Sony has brought in the world of video production. Sony guarantees some of the best, high quality professional videos.

Nothing can be more thrilling than quality video and Sony delivers exactly that if not more. One amazing aspect about Sony is that you are always certain of amazing and perfect results. You will always find a reason to smile at the end of the day. With Sony comes professionalism, idealism, and perfection.

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Bundle Sales : Sony URX-P03D Two-channel Receiver with UTX-B40 Wireless bodypack transmitter with Lavalier Mic

This model has been discontinued

Sony 2SBS32G1C SxS-1 Series Memory Card Twin Pack

USD 400 excl. Tax

Sony 2SBS64G1C SxS-1 Series 64GB Memory Card Twin Pack

USD 630 excl. Tax

Sony 6BNC1 BNC Cable

Sony AC-UES1230 Universal AC Adaptor

USD 70 excl. Tax

Sony AWS-750 Anycast Touch Portable Live Content Producer

Sony AXS-R5 2K/4K external 16bit RAW recorder for PMW-F5 and PMW-F55 using AXS memory card

Sony BCT-124HDL HDCAM Large 124min Tape

Sony BCT-12HD HDCAM Small 12min Tape

Sony BCT-22HD HDCAM Small 22min Tape

Sony BCT-32HD HDCAM Small 32min Tape

Sony BCT-40HD HDCAM Small 40min Tape

Sony BCT-64HDL HDCAM Large 64min Tape

Sony BCT-6HD HDCAM Small 6min Tape

Sony BCT-94HDL HDCAM Large 94min Tape

Sony BP-U60 Lithium-Ion Battery – for PMW-EX1 Camcorder

USD 265 excl. Tax