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GoPro Hero 8 Singapore: Why People Still Prefer It

GoPro Hero 8 Singapore: Why People Still Prefer It


, GoPro Hero 8 Singapore: Why People Still Prefer It

GoPro Hero 8 is now the former flagship of the Hero series. It was succeeded by Hero 9 in September of 2020, and the latest Hero 10 of the same month this 2021. However, did you know that GoPro Hero 8 Singapore is still skyrocketing when it comes to sales? 

Yes. People are still buying this sports camera like pancakes! Why is that? Let’s find out in this article.

Why Buy GoPro Hero 8 in Singapore Over The Latest Hero 10 and Former Flagship Hero 9

What makes the GoPro Hero 8 the most preferrable sports camera today is partly due to its unique position in the market. It’s the oldest child in GoPro’s action current camera series, and the value it provides is just exceptional for its current price.

The GoPro Hero 8 packs a few features that you can’t ignore for a GoPro Singapore price of only SGD 426! Here are a core few:

  • On par with Hero 9 image stabilization
  • Reliable and easy-to-use time-lapse modes
  • Smart time-saving capture presets
  • Durable built-in mount
  • Enhanced microphone
  • New Media Mods

Apart from what we’ve mentioned above, it also has a slimmer chassis, high shockproof rating, wind-resistant microphone, and a foldable built-in mount (allowing for easy attachment on any gear you have).

When putting all of these together, you will see that what it provides is almost the same as the new flagship GoPro 10. The only two significant exceptions that the latest model has are the front-facing screen and 5.3k video recording. 

Actual Price Comparison

As you can see below, GoPro Hero 8 in Singapore is SGD 290 less than Hero 10 and SGD 149 less than Hero 9. If you’re on a budget but would still love to shoot cool sports videos with the potential to go viral on the internet, you can’t go wrong with GoPro Hero 8! 

Hero 10

Hero 9 Hero 8
SGD 740 SGD 599

SGD 450

GoPro 9 and 10: What These Two Have to Offer

Now that we’ve added the incredible things that make the GoPro 8 so desirable to have even in 2021, we have to be fair and update you on what the newer GoPro Heroes have to offer. 

Form Factor

When it comes to form-factor, the most significant advantages of the new GoPro Heroes are the front-facing screen the higher resolution video recording. 

Right off the bat, these two also perform slightly better compared to Hero 8 when it comes to design inclusions:

  • Hero 10: 153 grams 
  • Hero 9: 158 grams
  • Both: Waterproof to 10m/33ft
  • Both: Removable lens covers
  • Hero 10: Scratch-resistant lens cover

There isn’t much of a difference between these two models in terms of design. That’s understandable, given that the Hero 9 Black was the first significant design change (thanks to the new front screen) in the last two years.

GoPro made the camera bigger in size and added a color display to the front so you could use it to frame yourself. The camera brand also added a new removable lens cover, making it easier to replace the original lens with a different or new one if it breaks.

The Hero 10’s new cover, however, has a subtle redesign to be more durable. It’s not only more scratch-resistant than the Hero 9’s, but it’s also more hydrophobic, allowing water to slide off easily. With video shot through it, you’ll notice less ghosting.

Video and Photo Performance: GoPro 10 and 9

When it comes to taking photos or recording videos, here are a few things you need to know:

  • Hero 10 can record at 5.3K/60fps; 4K/120fps; 2.7K/240fps
  • Hero 9 can record at 5.3K/30fps; 4K/60fps; 2.7K/120fps
  • Hero 10 can take 23MP photos
  • Hero 9 can take 20MP photos 

For video capture, GoPro Hero 10 beats its predecessor by a considerable margin. The latest model can double the frame rate of the Hero 9, thanks to the new GP2 processor (which is the real game-changer in the current lineup).

While you can record a 5.3k video at 30fps using the Hero 9, the Hero 10 can record the exact resolution but with 60fps. You will see smoother captures that will stun your audience using the GoPro Hero 10. Also, take note that 60fps at 5.3k can feel like cinema quality.

GoPro Hero 8 Resulotion

Granted, the GoPro Hero 8 may seem inferior as it can only shoot up to 4k at 60fps. But you have to consider that 4k is still premium today. Your eyes can hardly differentiate between 4k and 8k! Now, 8k is twice finer than 4k, but you will not see any difference between the two on a common-size (42 to 55-inch) television. 

What Should You Buy?

Well, if you’re a casual user that loves to shoot and record high-action activities, we can’t recommend the GoPro Hero 8 Singapore enough. It has significantly better features than Hero 7, can still compete with both 9 and 10 on the base level, and is super affordable. 

However, if you already have an older version, say a GoPro Hero 6 or 7, it’s safe to assume that you are looking for a real upgrade. We recommend getting the latest model instead, the GoPro Hero 10. It provides the most value due to its new processor, and the price difference between Hero 10 and 9 isn’t that much of a dealbreaker.

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