Best Live Streaming Equipment in Singapore

Live streaming is slowly becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment today. From videogames to concerts to church services, you can trust that live streaming is involved in one way or another. With a high demand for high-quality video and music production, how can we determine which one is the best live streaming equipment in Singapore? Read this article to find out.

What is live streaming?

Live streaming is a way of delivering videos in real-time. Instead of watching pre-recorded videos that underwent a lot of editing and post-processing, you get the raw, real-time feed of the video. Live streaming is perfect for simultaneous broadcasts of events or if you want to interact with your viewers through a platform while playing videogames or doing anything.

There is a lot of money to be made in live streaming; many popular Twitch streamers like Ninja and Shroud are earning thousands of dollars through donations and sponsorships through streaming.

The best part about live streaming is that everyone can do it, but to succeed, a person must have the right equipment and the best live streaming equipment to do the job.

Best live streaming equipment in Singapore

Now that we have tackled live streaming let us find out the best, beginner-friendly live streaming equipment in Singapore. There is a lot of equipment to choose from, and all of these devices help enhance the viewer’s experience.

Here is the best live streaming equipment in Singapore:

1. Yololiv Yolobox Mini, Yolobox and Yolobox Pro – The Most Portable Switchers and Encoders for streaming

Yolobox Pro

Aside from being an encoder, switcher, monitor and recorder, the Yololiv Yolobox and Yolobox Pro are idea streaming devices. With the Yolobox and Yolobox Pro, you can stream on up to three platforms simultaneously without going through the hassle of setting a lot of complicated equipment individually.

The touch screen feature adds to their beginner-friendly qualities, eliminating the need to press any buttons or turn different knobs to operate. When you’re done live streaming and want to make content for YouTube or other similar platforms, you can also use this device to help you edit your videos.

The Yololiv Yolobox and Yolobox Pro are everything you would need for your video editing or streaming, all rolled into one, ranking these devices among the best live streaming equipment you can get.

Additional Features:

  • Ability to add overlays, Running text, Logo and etc, to give your videos a professional look
  • Three different ways to stream: WiFi hotspot, LTE Sim card, and indoor ethernet connection
  • Multimedia post-processing functions, like encoding, recording, and switching
  • Switch between five different video sources
  • Completely Portable as it can be powered by its built-in battery for 3 hours of operation, and You May external Power bank to increase its operation time
  • There are much more features that above, click on the product to find out more

3 Models are currently available to meet your requirement

Yololiv Yolobox Product

Yololiv Yolobox Pro Product

Yolobox Mini

2. Datavideo Portable Video Streaming Studio

Datavideo HS-3200

Datavideo’s portable video streaming studio products are the perfect switcher for the job of streaming huge events like concerts or sporting events. Aside from being excellent switchers, these devices also double as monitors, camera controllers, audio mixers, and streaming encoders.

Everything is also packaged in an easy-to-operate interface that you can instantly understand, so there is no need to figure out complicated procedures. There are four types of Datavideo Portable Streaming Studio, and they all differ in the number of screens they can accommodate.

Here are the four types of Datavideo Portable Streaming Studio:

  • Datavideo HS-1600T– This portable streaming studio can accommodate up to 4 separate screens. It can also support up to 1080p HD quality video signals. An integrated joystick can also control the cameras’ panning, zooming, and tilting. Also present is a single button that will take care of the streaming and recording for you.
  • Datavideo HS-1600T Mark II- The Mark II is an updated version of the HS-1600T, it has all of the features of its first version, but they are given improvements on the Mark II. Features like the ability to stream to two streaming platforms simultaneously and the automatic video recorder are improvements compared to its previous version.
  • Datavideo HS-1300- The most noticeable difference between the HS-1300 and the previous entries is that it can accommodate six screens at once. But like the other entries, it also has a single button for streaming and recording, and the screen size is also 17.3 inches with a resolution of 1600×900 px. The easy-to-use interface is still present in this streaming studio, along with the 6 in 1 functionality.
  • Datavideo HS-3200- The HS-3200’s main feature is its ability to accommodate 12 channels simultaneously. This device also has a 6 in 1 functionality and has all of the functions of the previous entries.

Datavideo HS-1600T Product Page

Datavideo HS-1600T Mark II Product Page

Datavideo HS-1300 Product Page

Datavideo HS-3200 Product Page

3. Blackmagic ATEM Production Switchers

Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro

The Blackmagic ATEM Production Switchers are affordable and beginner-friendly switchers. These devices allow the users to stream and record videos, allowing switching between 4 screens.

There are three different ATEM Production Switchers that have varying features. The prices also differ, but if you’re looking for a particular feature, one of these devices indeed has it. Here are the three Blackmagic ATEM Production Switchers:

  • Blackmagic ATEM Mini- The Blackmagic ATEM Mini can accommodate four screens. Switching is also easy due to an easy-to-learn control panel with buttons telling users their specific functions. The four screens can also enjoy HD quality due to having four HDMI ports on the device.
  • Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro- The Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro is an upgraded version of the ATEM Mini. It boasts additional features like the Fairlight audio mixer with EQ and dynamics. Features you enjoyed on the Blackmagic ATEM Mini are still present and enjoying a bump in the performance with the Mini Pro. 
  • Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro ISO- The Mini Pro ISO’s main selling point is its ability to record and store videos as ISO files. You can easily edit the ISO files by just using a single click. There are also numerous video effects for editing in this device, making it one of the best live streaming equipment and a piece of editing equipment.

Blackmagic ATEM Mini Product Page

Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro Product Page

Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro ISO Product Page

4. Roland VR-4HD All-In-One AV Mixer

Roland VR-4HD All-In-One AV Mixer

The Roland VR-4HD AV Mixer is an easy-to-use, all-in-one multimedia device that allows users to switch to different cameras and modify the audio with just a single button press. As for the effects, this device has a lot to choose from, including Downstream Keying, Picture in Picture, and composting effects.

The audio mixer function of the Roland VR-4HD also guarantees high-quality audio output due to utilizing the HDMI inputs. Your videos are also recorded and stored within the device and can reach up to 1080p of uncompressed resolution.

If you’re looking for an equipment that will help make your broadcasts beautiful, the Roland VR-4HD AV Mixer is the perfect live streaming equipment for that.

Additionally, you can also choose an updated version of the VR-4HD, the Roland VR-50HD, that does everything the 4HD can do but enjoys more powerful processing due to the upgrades.

Roland VR-4HD All-In-One AV Mixer Product Page

Roland VR-50HD Multi-format AV Mixer Product Page


It used to be that video productions involve a lot of costly equipment that isn’t user-friendly since it requires a lot of technical knowledge to operate. Video streaming platforms like YouTube and Dailymotion came along and changed the way we view and make videos. Advancements in technology also allowed people to make innovations in video-making equipment.

If you’re a live streamer and are looking for the right place to buy these fantastic live streaming equipment, then you’re already at the right place! Expandore offers a lot of devices that will help you with your video-making needs and more. Expandore has a good selection of equipment that will enhance the viewer’s experience, from lighting, video cameras, audio mixing devices, and a lot more.

For more information about other live streaming devices, visit this page. If you want to browse other items, you can search for them on this page. At Expandore, one thing is for sure: you will find what you are looking for, and you will stay while looking for more.

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