Most Reliable Studio Lighting System Setup

Reliable studio lighting system setup

Lighting has played an important part ever since the beginning of filmmaking and video making A good lighting enhances the whole experience and makes everything more precise; it can also give off a distinct look to specific films. Whatever the filmmaker’s vision is, it will not be complete without good lighting to accompany it. In this article, we will discuss the most reliable studio lighting system setup to help make your vision into reality.

The Importance of Lighting in Video Production

Lighting, even outside of video production, is crucial. It allows a person to highlight specific aspects of the photo or video, and it also sets the mood for the shoot. Terrible lighting can make even the best pictures or videos look bad because they don’t emphasize what needs to be stressed and may even highlight the wrong things.

Good lighting can even make outdoor evening shoots look like morning shoots through their power alone, and there are a variety of lighting setups to choose from. Whatever the situation calls for, there is a corresponding studio lighting setup for that.

Most Reliable Studio Lighting System Setup

Now that we’ve covered the importance of lighting in video production let us discuss the most reliable studio lighting system setups. These lighting systems will help you enhance the quality of your projects’ quality and may even be used for other purposes outside of video making. The dimensions and specifications might differ from unit to unit, but they all serve the same goal: to provide good lighting.

Here are the most reliable studio lighting system setups:


  • Aputure AL-M9 


Aputure AL-M9


The Aputure AL-M9 is a portable LED lighting system that you can charge through a USB port. This lighting system is perfect for video shoots on the go, or long outdoor video shoots, because of its portable nature. The AL-M9 is also equipped with 9 powerful SMD bulbs that can get the job done in indoor and outdoor shoots.

The AL-M9 also has gel filters that allow both tungsten and CTB lights, giving you a choice on what type of color and how bright the lights are. The battery can also last up to 1.5 hours at maximum settings and up to 12 hours when set to minimum lighting mode.

If you are looking for a portable and easy to charge lighting system, then the Aputure AL-M9 is the right lighting system for you.

Aputure AL-M9 Product Page

  • Visio Light LH5502 L Series Fluorescent Lights


Visio Light LH5502

The Visio Light LH5502 offers low consumption yet highly efficient output, and its design is perfect for outdoor shoots and lighting hard-to-reach areas. The design also allows for covering a wider area, and it also doesn’t get in the way of shots.

LH5502, being equipped with a high-frequency light, doesn’t flicker much, and it also doesn’t generate much heat, making it perfect for long shoots or outdoor shoots. The fluorescent light also guarantees bright and vibrant lighting, illuminating even the darkest sets.

Visio Light LH5502 Product Page

  • Nanlite Forza 150


Nanlite Forza 150

The Nanlite Forza 150 is a lightweight and compact studio lighting system setup. This camera weighs around 1.36kg/3.00lbs is perfect for shoots on the go and extended shoots. The Forza 150 also boasts a power of 27960 lux at one meter with the reflectors installed, making this lighting system an ideal companion for any video shoots.

Navigating this device is also easy, thanks to different features like the status screen, control knobs, a 4 pin power input, and the on/off switch located on the back of the lighting system. You also have the option to either use this lighting system while connected to a wire or wirelessly, giving you unprecedented options for different situations.

If you are looking for a compact yet powerful studio lighting system setup to use in your video shoots, look no further than the Nanlite Forza 150. The power that it holds inside such a small frame not only gets the job done, but it gets it done beautifully.


  1. Aputure LS C300d Mark II LED Light Kit

Aputure LS C300d Mark II LED Light Kit

Aputure LS C300d is an upgrade over the LS C300, and it produces 20% brighter lights and has features that set it apart from its original version, like its portability and durability. This lighting system also boasts an output of 80,000 lux, and it also boasts good, natural color fidelity due to having COB LED technology.

The LS C300d also enjoyed minor tweaks that make a huge difference, like narrowing the beam from 60 degrees to 55 degrees and applying a coating on the reflector. There is also a dimming control that allows users to modify the brightness of the lights, and this lighting system also features a Studio Mode that allows the lights to be used immediately.

Aputure LS C300d Product Page

  1. Aputure LS 300x Bi-color LED Light


Aputure LS 300x Bi-Color LED LIght

The Aputure LS 300x LED Light is a lighting system compatible with optical lens modifiers. This feature allows for color blending and producing any type of lighting in any given situation. This lighting system can also be configured to use either a 2700k or a 6500k output with just a turn of a dial. The freedom to choose between what type of output and the types of colors is what sets the Aputure LS 300x LED Light apart from the competition.

Aputure LS 300x Bi-Color LED Light Product Page

  • BB&S Lighting Area 48 Studio LED


BB&S Lighting Area 48 Studio LED

BB&S Lighting is a company that produces high-quality and premium products, and this time, they have brought another quality product in the Area 48 Studio LED. This studio lighting setup has an extremely high light output and an excellent shadow rendering, making it perfect for professional video shoots.

You can also set this lighting system into a special strobing mode to serve as a special effect for certain scenes. The lights are guaranteed to be flicker-free, so you won’t have to worry about scenes ruined by such technical difficulties.

The loudness of the device also comes into play whenever we’re talking about types of equipment for video shoots. You can also rest assured that the Area 48 Studio LED doesn’t serve as a distraction when it comes to that department.



Finding the proper lighting system setup for your projects can be tricky, with all the lighting systems available in the market today. Varying prices and the ease of use can also play a huge factor when choosing the right one to use. Sometimes, a lighting system can be the factor that makes or breaks a project; this is why choosing the right one is of utmost importance.

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