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Peak Design Tripod in Singapore: Travel Easy and Take Sharp Photos

, Peak Design Tripod in Singapore: Travel Easy and Take Sharp Photos

All you need to know about the Peak Design Travel Tripod is in the name — both brand and product. Peak Design Singapore is known for its innovative camera accessories, from clips to bags. So it’s no longer a mystery that the company’s new Peak Design Tripod is unlike anything you’ve seen in Singapore. We know you’re excited to know all about this product, so without further ado, let’s get into it.

Peak Design Tripod in Singapore

To call something the best travel tripod, it has to be flexible and sturdy, but it must be light, compact, and easy to deploy too. Well, discovering if that’s the case with Peak Design Tripod in Singapore is our job. Let’s show you what we think:

Build Quality

At first glance and handling, the Travel Tripod’s strength and stability immediately impressed us. Despite its cute small frame, it’s a heavy-duty piece of equipment that’s clearly meant to last. Why? That’s because there is almost no free space between the legs or the head of this tripod; it is a space-saving design in every way possible!

Even yet, don’t be fooled by the phrase “sturdy.” Including the head, the Peak Design Tripod weighs just under 3.5 pounds (1.5 kilograms), making it a light tripod. It’s the mere sight of such a small product that takes you by surprise. Just by looking at it and handling its frame when completely extended is when it feels like lifting a feather!

It isn’t the lightest choice since there are tripods as light as 2 pounds. However, we advise that you avoid tripods that are too light. Today, many ultralight tripods are either unreasonably priced or too large. They may also sacrifice rigidity and height just to shed weight. The quality of the Peak Design tripod in Singapore is superior compared to knock-offs and tripods from generic brands.

When it comes to its build quality, this one is on a whole new level.

Peak Design Travel Tripod Specs

  • Folded Length: 15.5 inches or 293.37 centimeters
  • Load Capacity: 20 pounds or 9 kilograms
  • Maximum Height: 60 inches or 152.4 centimeters
  • Minimum Height: 5.5 inches or 13.97 centimeters
  • Weight: 2.8 pounds or 1.27 kilograms
  • Material: Carbon Fiber or Aluminum
  • Quick-Release Plate: Arca-Type
  • Vertical Tilt: 90 degrees
  • Panning Range: 360 degrees


Despite its small size, you can set up the Peak Design Travel Tripod in a matter of minutes, making it an ideal travel tripod. Because the leg locks are all near to one another, you may release them all at once using one hand and then pull its legs together. Slightly curved edges on the rubber feet ensure easy placement even when the legs are extended in a low-angle mode.

One thing we found just a little bit annoying is the low-profile ball head and central column. It takes time to become comfortable using them.  You have to extend the center column to get the correct setup you want with the head’s upside-down layout.  Although this is a formula for unwanted movement and wabbles on many tripods, it’s not the case on this one. The Peak Design Travel Tripod feels as tough as nails even if you fully extend the central column.

A rotating collar instead of a knob on the side of the ball head locks it in place. To aim the camera, simply release the lock and tighten it back to its original position. When you tighten it, the camera doesn’t droop, so you have a pretty stable shot.

In comparison to other Arca Swiss plates, it’s a little small. Furthermore, you must use the included hex key to secure it to the camera baseplate. Peak Design insists on it, even though it is quite a gimmick. While butterfly nuts or coin slots cannot compete with the tightness of this method, they do loosen up a bit as you move the camera.

Camera Plate

The camera plate may be removed from the tripod and inserted into a capture clip as a typical Peak Design product line element. Instead of using hex keys, you may find it more convenient to buy additional plates and leave them connected to your camera(s).

The tripod head’s Arca Swiss rails accept the smartphone clamp, making it a very convenient accessory. However, you must insert the right side of the clamp first for it to work correctly.

The head clamping ring and this tripod’s fast release lock dial have a rugged and accurate feel, except for directly above the quick release lock dial. These are a touch shoddier and more flimsy, but they get the job done just fine anyhow.

Peak Design’s head is mounted directly on the central column’s uppermost portion. It is possible to utilize a third-party head, but you must purchase a separate adapter kit to do so. Additionally, some kits let you replace the rubber feet with spikes and create an ultra-lightweight configuration where the inner leg portions are replaced with long feet.

Actual Performance

Peak Design’s Travel Tripod is far more stable than you may anticipate. Despite its flimsy-looking legs and shaky central column, this tripod is as stable as your grandparent’s marriage once you have it set up. As Peak Design points out, there aren’t many camera and lens combinations that even come close to the maximum 20lb (9kg) payload that Peak Design claims.

Full frame DSLRs and 70-200mm f/2.8 lenses, or longer, are said to be supported by the company’s design, and our camera/lens combination proved this to be the case.

While the lower leg pieces seemed a little flimsy, we didn’t notice any flexing or bending. That thin middle column is harder than it looks too. However, despite its twee appearance, the center column’s stiffness and wobble resistance are not.

The Peak Design Travel Tripod has a maximum height of 153cm, which isn’t as high as some other tripods. However, no photography law dictates that you should only shoot at eye level, and with today’s cameras featuring tilting or vari-angle displays, tripod height is no longer an issue. You may want to keep this in mind if you’re a six-foot viewfinder enthusiast who doesn’t like stooping.

Even though we’ll need to use this tripod for an extended period under various situations before we can judge its durability, its compactness and stiffness are already outstanding right out of the box.

Should You Buy the Peak Design Travel Tripod in Singapore

Tripods made of aluminum are inexpensive but weigh a lot. Tripods made of carbon fiber are lighter but so much pricier too. In addition, travel tripods that are lightweight, compact when folded, and have a decent extended height and stiffness are even more expensive. Peak Design Travel Tripod, on the other hand, is in the same ballpark as other specialist lightweight travel tripods — and it’s far less costly than other S-tier brands.

Do we think it’s worthwhile? We can’t provide an accurate say on how long it will last, but it’s already ahead of its competitors for its compactness, weight, and folded size.

There are cheaper and higher travel tripods out there, but none that folds down into such a clean, small, and portable travel tripod as this one. In a nutshell, we love the Peak Design Tripod in Singapore. And we recommend it to everyone who loves travel photography.

Too Long; Didn’t Read (TL;DR) Summary:

If you just want a quick summary, read the things we like about the Peak Design Tripod below:

  • Super compact when folded
  • Has superior quick release feature (possible to open with just one hand)
  • Build quality is undeniably exceptional
  • Smartphone clip available
  • Reversible center column for more creative shots
  • Smart design features
  • Unique ball-head design
  • Fast deployment and lightweight
  • Rigid and strong

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