Portable Handheld and Battery operated Smoke or Fog Machine for Videography and Photography

Smoke B is a hand-held smoke machine, a device that makes shooting video instantly a “movie” and can be hand-held and portable to produce smoke, Fog, and Mist effects.

Handheld and Battery-Powered Smoke Emitter for Cinematography and Photography.
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Introducing Smoke B is an avant-garde portable, handheld, and affordable smoke, fog, and mist apparatus, a contraption that instantaneously transforms Photo or video shooting into a cinematic spectacle. This innovative device is both hand-held and portable, designed to orchestrate ethereal mist, fog, and smoke effects on the go.

Product Overview for Smoke B:

The Handheld Smoke / Fog Generator: An Amazing effect to better tell your story and Highlight the object Smoke B – The Fog Engine

Fog Machine Smoke B

The Smoke B handheld smoke generator, or fog machine, presents a compact and mobile solution for controlling smoke emissions. Its versatility in outdoor settings ensures the effortless production of captivating smoke phenomena. Commonly harnessed in realms like photography, cinema, theatrical performances, and various creative endeavors, it magnifies visual aesthetics and instills an evocative ambiance. This user-friendly marvel stands as an invaluable companion for videographers and Photographers, enabling them to curate high-caliber visual narratives.

The device is adept at generating professional-grade cinematic haze, tailored to distinct requirements. It accommodates an array of smoke scenarios, encompassing even the enigmatic dry ice. Characterized by an absence of unpleasant odors, it prides itself on being ecologically sound and safe. Its condensation lingers longer than that of ordinary smoke, contributing to sustained visual spectacles. The inclusion of the Smoke B accessory empowers users to emanate diverse smoke configurations, a canvas for intricate creativity. Notable attributes of the Smoke B handheld fog generator include:

  1. Innovative Portability:

Crafted with an ergonomic ethos, its diminutive design belies its functionality. Lightweight and wieldy, it defies bulkiness, ensuring unencumbered outdoor ventures. Activation entails a mere 3-second press for power on/off, a double-click kindling smoke, and a single-click extinguishing it. This simplicity accommodates novice users, nullifying the prerequisites of professional expertise.

2. Smoke Emission Proficiency:

A seamless operation duration of 18 minutes is at your disposal. Following every 3-minute operational stint, a 2-second intermission suspends emissions, facilitating the eruption of substantial smoke volumes. This spectacle blankets approximately 20 cubic meters in under 60 seconds, accentuating the atmospheric allure and visual magnetism of the locale.

3. Remote Command:

Coupled with Smoke B’s handheld fog generator, the remote control variant facilitates the concealed deployment of multiple units within the filming arena. With a mere push of an infrared button, a plume of smoke unfurls or dissipates across expansive terrain. This wireless dominion spans 5 to 10 meters, orchestrating an immersive experience.

4. Ecologically Cognizant Fog Fluid:

The misting compound comprises VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol), constituents that foreground environmental sustainability and user safety. Characterized by a lack of pungency during use, it abstains from toxicity and any deleterious impact on well-being. It is, however, imperative to abstain from inhaling direct fumes. While the formula stands as benign, inhalation is ill-advised, considering the potential for elevated temperatures and concomitant burns.

A vial of Smoke B’s proprietary fog liquid, encompassing 12 milliliters and labeled X6, accompanies the package. This provision guarantees an enduring reservoir of fog fluid, averting depletion during protracted device utilization.

5. Juiced by Battery Power:

Leveraging a 5C-certified 2550 mAh lithium battery, it recharges within approximately 3 hours. A 5V2A charger serves as the requisition for replenishing its energy stores. A caveat pertains to the compatibility of certain versions with dual C-port (PD) charging, necessitating adherence to the standard charging cable. Illumination during recharging is communicated through a vivid indicator display: red for ongoing replenishment and green for complete charge attainment.

Diverse Contexts and Recipients – Eloquence in Storytelling Visual Narratives

This multifaceted innovation finds its niche in an array of settings, embellishing each with its own aura of mystique. Contexts such as succinct video shoots, portrait, culinary, and product photography, as well as cinema’s visual theatrics, find Smoke B’s nebulous emissions an invaluable asset. It has become a quintessential tool in the arsenal of professionals, including filmmakers, videographers, VLOG artisans, photographers of diverse cadences, and even nascent photography enthusiasts. The handheld marvel christened Smoke B stands resolutely as the discerning choice for all, transcending skill levels and domains.

Usage Precautions Smoke Substance

Smoke Oil

Initiating a safety-minded transportation protocol, a conservative 20% charge is vested upon delivery. A maiden usage mandates a charging session facilitated by the accompanying cable.

Before embarking upon usage, the reservoir demands pre-filling with fog liquid. A strict admonition pertains to refraining from dry-running the apparatus, as it may prove deleterious to its mechanisms. In the aftermath of the inaugural fog liquid infusion, a 5-minute grace period is stipulated before commissioning the device.

The phenomenon of heightened fuselage and reservoir temperatures during prolonged smoke emission cycles is a normal occurrence. Dexterity, however, ought to steer clear of direct contact with these surfaces. An insulation cover, magnetically affixed, serves as a prudent precautionary measure, negating the possibility of accidental burns. Should the fuselage register excessive warmth, interrupting operations for a brief interval warrants consideration, to rectify overheating concerns.

In order to optimize reservoir longevity, vigilant monitoring of fog liquid levels is imperative during sustained emissions. The consequence of diminished fog in liquid reservoirs is the rapid elevation of reservoir temperatures. Accordingly, preemptive liquid level assessments are recommended, swiftly rectifying situations warranting fog liquid replenishment.

Post-operation, a cardinal step involves device deactivation, preserving its orientation in an upright posture. Inverting the device is a practice to be strenuously avoided.

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Portable Handheld and Battery operated Smoke or Fog Machine

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