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Clear-com Synchronized Communication

Perhaps one of the greatest features of Clear-com systems is how they can work flawlessly together and with communication systems by other manufacturers. From audible speakers to flashing beacons, handsets and headsets as well; the systems have been developed to communicate synchronously ensuring that maximum functionality and high-quality output is achieved. Each series incorporates features that allow for compatibility with other models for an enhanced experience.

Integration of New Technology

Clear-com as a top brand for communication systems continues to offer convenient and applicable solutions to users. The DX series has been successful and the recently released member of the series, the DX410 goes a step further to indicate how quickly the brand is evolving. The DX410 boasts of new features such as a high-speed operation (2.4GHz), incorporation of a wireless unit that allows for a greater line of sight distances. The model incorporates an FHSS (Frequency Hopping System) which ensures that its aspect of wireless connectivity causes no interruptions to your current Wi-Fi system. It includes three basic components that include a wireless belt pack, a base station an all-in-one wireless headset.

HD Audio Quality

For communication systems, every other feature is pretty nice to have but what counts in the end is the final quality of the output. Clear-com seems aware of this and on top of all features integrated into the DX410 model, users are given an additional 7 KHz wideband for audio quality. This gives the DX410 a natural and rounded sound touch that cannot be matched with competing brands. To ensure for long production time, it comes with a 12hours usage per charge battery that makes it the ultimate option for recording live events.

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