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SONY FCB-EX2700P Super HAD CCD II™ image sensors and Progressive Scan

Sony FCB-EX2400P 1/4-type Super HAD CCD II Image Sensor

Panasonic GP-UH532 4K Ultra HD Remote Head Camera

Panasonic AK-HC1500 2/3″ 3-CCD 1080i/720p HD Multi-Purpose Camera

USD 25,999.00 excl. Tax

Sony XCIV100/XP 2nd Generation Smart Camera Monochrome VGA

Sony XCIV100C/XP VGA Smart Color Camera with CS mount lens support

Sony XCI-SX100/XP SXGA Smart Camera Monochrome

Sony XCISX100C/XP SXGA CS mount lens support Smart Color Camera

Sony XCEI30 1/3″ CCD with HAD technology Infrared Camera

Sony XC-EI30CE 1/3″ CCD B/W Analog Near Infrared Camera CCIR

Sony XC-EI50 camera incorporates ½ type Interline Transfer (IT) CCD

Sony XCEI50CE 1/2″ CCD B/W Analog Near IR Camera, CCIR