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Sony FCB-EX15E 12x NTSC Block Camera Ideally suited for IP-ready Monitoring Applications

Sony FCB-EX15EP 12x PAL Block Camera with True Progressive Scan

Sony FCB-EX20D 10x NTSC Color Block Camera Day/Night Function

Sony FCB-EX20DP 1/3 type Super HAD CCD II sensor Block Camera

Sony FCB-EX2400P 1/4-type Super HAD CCD II Image Sensor

SONY FCB-EX2700P Super HAD CCD II™ image sensors and Progressive Scan

Sony FCB-EX45MC 1/4 type CCD 18x Block Camera EIA

Sony FCB-EX45MCC B&W 18x Block Camera CCIR

Sony FCB-EX480C 1/4 type EXview HAD® CCD NTSC Color Block Camera

Sony FCB-EX480CP 1/4 type EXview HAD CCD NTSC Color Block Camera

Sony FCB-EX48C 1/4 type EXview HAD CCD Color Block Camera

Sony FCB-EX48CP 18x EXview PAL Color Block Camera