Intercom system to keep everyone connected and providing a robust platform that scales in line with your business. Designed to meet the specific challenges of the defence industry and other organisations bound by strict security controls.

Regionally we have presence in Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Singapore.

Expandore is one of the best re-seller Singapore. We offer all kind of camera support products in reasonable price with the highest quality of services. We have always satisfied our customers and have fulfilled their needs. As we understand our customer’s thoughts and provide them with what they need, they became are regular customer for most of the times.

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Clear-Com RS-702 2-ch analog beltpack with XLR-6 line connector

SGD 635.00 SGD 603.00 excl. Tax

Clear-Com 110 Series of Gooseneck Condenser Microphones

SGD 370.00SGD 468.00 excl. Tax

Clear-Com AB-120 On-Air Announcer Console, ROHS Compatible

SGD 2,058.00 SGD 1,955.00 excl. Tax

Clear-Com AX-704 IFB Expansion Talent Access Station

SGD 1,305.00 SGD 1,239.00 excl. Tax

Clear-Com BP410 2-Channel 2.4GHz Wireless Beltpack

SGD 1,507.00 SGD 1,432.00 excl. Tax

Clear-Com CC-110 Single-ear Premium Light-weight Headset

SGD 335.00SGD 475.00 excl. Tax

Clear-Com CC-15 Single-ear lightweight noise-cancelling Headset

SGD 277.00 excl. Tax

Clear-Com CC-220 Double-ear Premium Light-weight Headset

SGD 398.00SGD 503.00 excl. Tax

Clear-Com CC-30 Dual-ear lightweight noise-cancelling Headset

SGD 461.00 excl. Tax

Clear-Com CC-300 Single ear standard headset Able to rotate 300 degrees

SGD 461.00SGD 538.00 excl. Tax

Clear-Com CC-400 Double ear standard headset has a flexible design

SGD 545.00SGD 621.00 excl. Tax

Clear-Com CCI-22 Dual 2-WIRE Clear-Com/RTS Party Line Interface

SGD 1,528.00 SGD 1,451.00 excl. Tax