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Clear-Com Wired Intercom When Powered by Its Main Stations: A Paradigm of Communication Excellence

Effective communication lies at the heart of seamless coordination and collaboration in various industries. Clear-Com, a pioneering name in communication systems, has introduced a range of Main Stations that power their wired intercom solutions. These cutting-edge Main Stations, including the Clear-Com MS-702, MS-704, CS-702, SB-704, and HMS-4X, have revolutionized how organizations in the world communicate, delivering unparalleled audio quality, flexibility, and scalability.

Let’s explore the features and advantages of each Main Station and how they power Clear-Com’s wired intercom systems to cater to diverse communication needs.

1. Clear-Com MS-702 2-Channel Headset/Speaker Main Station

The Clear-Com MS-702 is a remarkable 2-channel Main Station that offers exceptional communication capabilities. With an integrated headset and speaker functionality, it provides users with the option to communicate privately or address groups. This Main Station is widely used in broadcast and media production environments, as well as in live events where quick and reliable communication is essential for seamless coordination.

Key Features:

  • Two-channel communication for effective team coordination.
  • Versatile headset/speaker functionality for enhanced flexibility.
  • Rugged design for reliability in demanding environments.
  • Compatible with various Clear-Com wired intercom systems.

2. Clear-Com MS-704 4-Channel Headset/Speaker Main Station

The Clear-Com MS-704 takes communication efficiency to the next level with its 4-channel capability. This Main Station is ideal for large-scale productions and events, allowing multiple teams to communicate simultaneously without interference. Its advanced audio processing ensures crystal-clear sound quality, enabling teams to stay connected and work harmoniously.

Key Features:

  • Four-channel communication for extensive team collaboration.
  • Separate program audio input for multimedia integration.
  • Ergonomic control panel for intuitive operation.
  • Compatible with a wide range of Clear-Com intercom systems.

3. Clear-Com CS-702 2-Channel Portable Headset Main Station

Designed for on-the-go communication needs, the Clear-Com CS-702 is a portable 2-channel Main Station that facilitates communication in dynamic environments. Its lightweight and compact design, along with the option for either AC mains or DC battery power, make it perfect for outdoor events, field production, and remote operations.

Key Features:

  • Battery or mains-powered for enhanced portability.
  • Two-channel communication for small to medium-sized teams.
  • Built-in speaker and headset connectivity for added convenience.
  • Durable construction for reliability in mobile applications.

4. Clear-Com SB-704 4-Channel Switchboard Main Station

The Clear-Com SB-704 is a specialized 4-channel Main Station tailored for switchboard operation. It acts as the central hub for communication, enabling operators to effortlessly manage calls and direct conversations to specific channels. The SB-704 is an essential tool for industries with high call volumes, such as transportation, utilities, and emergency services.

Key Features:

  • Four-channel communication with switchboard operation.
  • Programmable buttons for quick access to frequently used channels.
  • Compatible with standard and dynamic gooseneck microphones.
  • Highly suitable for applications requiring precise call management.

5. Clear-Com HMS-4X 4-Channel 1RU Digital Main Station

The Clear-Com HMS-4X is a powerful 4-channel 1RU digital Main Station that represents the pinnacle of wired intercom technology. Its digital signal processing capabilities provide advanced audio control, including noise reduction and equalization, resulting in unmatched audio clarity. The HMS-4X is ideal for industries where precise communication and top-tier audio quality are critical.

Key Features:

  • High-quality digital audio processing for superior sound clarity.
  • Four-channel communication with expanded functionality.
  • Ethernet connectivity for seamless integration with IP-based systems.
  • Front-panel user interface for easy access to configuration options.


Clear-Com’s Main Stations, including the MS-702, MS-704, CS-702, SB-704, and HMS-4X, have set a new standard for wired intercom communication in the world. These state-of-the-art Main Stations power Clear-Com’s wired intercom systems, providing organizations with unparalleled audio quality, flexibility, and scalability. Whether in broadcasting, live events, industrial settings, or emergency services, Clear-Com’s Main Stations cater to diverse communication needs, enabling seamless coordination, improved efficiency, and safe operations. As technology continues to advance, Clear-Com remains committed to innovating, ensuring that their Main Stations and intercom solutions continue to be at the forefront of communication excellence in the UK and beyond.

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