Intercom Acsry to keep everyone connected and providing a robust platform that scales in line with your business. Designed to meet the specific challenges of the defence industry and other organisations bound by strict security controls.

Regionally we have presence in Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Singapore.

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Clear-Com CCI-22 Dual 2-WIRE Clear-Com/RTS Party Line Interface

SGD 1,598.70 SGD 1,518.40 excl. Tax

Clear-Com FL-7 Call Signal Flasher both visual and audible indication

SGD 649.70 excl. Tax

Clear-Com HLI-2W2 is a 2-Wire Interface Module for the HMS-4X main station

SGD 1,598.70 SGD 1,518.40 excl. Tax

Clear-Com HLI-4W2 is a 4-wire interface module for HMS-4X main station

SGD 1,394.30 SGD 1,324.22 excl. Tax

Clear-Com SP-3 3-way Intercom line splitter

SGD 121.18 excl. Tax

Clear-Com V-BOX angled or vertical Portable/Desktop or Wall Mounting

SGD 445.30 SGD 503.70 excl. Tax

Clear-Com WP-2 Selectable Intercom Outlet Wall Plate

SGD 127.02 excl. Tax

Clear-Com WP-6 2-Channel 6-Pin Intercom Outlet Wall Plate

SGD 154.76 excl. Tax

Clear-Com YC-36 Dual channel beltpack adapter

SGD 150.38 excl. Tax

Tally Light Signal System for Hollyland MARS T1000

SGD 438.00 excl. Tax