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Litepanels Caliber 3-Light Kit delivers the power of LED Fresnels

Litepanels Sola ENG (906-1002) Compact Daylight Balanced LED Fresnel

Pocketsize RGB light with Special 7 type of effects: lightning, warning lights, automatic color change, etc.

Socanland FL-160 Flexible Light

USD 930.00 excl. Tax

Socanland FL-40 Flexible Light

USD 367.80 excl. Tax

Socanland FL-80 Flexible Light

USD 468.30 excl. Tax

Visio Light Minima 30 High qualities Studio and Location Lighting

Visio Light PH5502 P Series Fluorescent Lights

Visio Light PH5504 P Series Fluorescent Lights

Visio Light ZOOM 10 more powerful output 2x brighter than Zoom 6

Visio Light ZOOM 6 Low Power Consumption LED Light