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Media - CF Card

    Sony Tough CEB-G128 CFexpress Type B 128GB Memory Card

    Wise CF-11320 32GB 1000x CompactFlash® Memory Card

    SGD 67.00 excl. Tax

    Wise CF-11640 64GB 1000x Compact Flash® Memory Card

    SGD 107.00 excl. Tax

    Wise PTS-1024 1024GB Portable SSD

    SGD 468.00 excl. Tax

    Wise PTS-256 256GB Portable SSD Speeds upto 550 MB/s read

    SGD 192.00 excl. Tax

    Wise PTS-512 512GB Portable SSD

    SGD 292.00 excl. Tax

    Wise S5+-128 128GB S5+ ExpressCard®

    SGD 662.00 excl. Tax

    Wise S5+-64 64GB S5+ ExpressCard®

    SGD 527.00 excl. Tax

Media - CFast

    Wise Advanced CFA-1280 128GB CFast 2.0 Memory Card

    SGD 384.00 excl. Tax

    Wise Advanced CFA-2560 256GB CFast 2.0 Memory Card

    SGD 638.00 excl. Tax

    Wise CFA-10240 1TB CFast 2.0 Memory Card

    SGD 1,122.00 excl. Tax

    Wise CFA-5120 512GB CFast 2.0 Memory Card

    SGD 894.00 excl. Tax

Media - Micro P2

Micro P2

    Panasonic AJ-P2M032AG 32GB MicroP2 UHS-II Compliant Professional Memory Card

    SGD 300.00 excl. Tax

    Panasonic AJ-P2M064AG 64GB MicroP2 Card

    Panasonic AJ-P2M064BG microP2 card B Series 64GB

    SGD 497.00 excl. Tax

Media - P2


    Panasonic AJ-P2E016FG 16GB F Series P2 Card

    SGD 300.00 excl. Tax

    Panasonic AJ-P2E030FG 30GB F Series P2 Card

    SGD 540.00 excl. Tax

    Panasonic AJ-P2E060FG 60GB F Series P2 Card

    SGD 682.00 excl. Tax

    Panasonic AU-XP0256BG 256 GB express P2 Card B Series

    SGD 1,704.00 excl. Tax

    Panasonic AU-XP0512BG 512GB express P2 Card B Series

Media - SD Card

SD Card


    SGD 27.00 excl. Tax

Media - Sony Tape

    Sony BCT-124HDL HDCAM Large 124min Tape

    Sony BCT-12HD HDCAM Small 12min Tape

    Sony BCT-22HD HDCAM Small 22min Tape

    Sony BCT-32HD HDCAM Small 32min Tape

    Sony BCT-40HD HDCAM Small 40min Tape

    Sony BCT-64HDL HDCAM Large 64min Tape

    Sony BCT-6HD HDCAM Small 6min Tape

    Sony BCT-94HDL HDCAM Large 94min Tape

Media - SSD

    Angelbird ATOMX MiniSSD DRIVE for 4K WORKFLOWS

Media - SxS


    Sony 2SBS32G1C SxS-1 Series Memory Card Twin Pack

    SGD 576.00 excl. Tax

    Sony 2SBS64G1C SxS-1 Series 64GB Memory Card Twin Pack

    SGD 938.00 excl. Tax

    Sony SBP-128C SxS PRO+ C Series 128GB Memory Card

    Sony SBP-128D SxS PRO+ D Series 128GB Memory Card

    SGD 1,391.00 excl. Tax

    Sony SBP-256D SxS PRO+ D Series 256GB Memory Card

    SGD 2,414.00 excl. Tax

    Sony SBP-64D SxS PRO+ D Series 64GB Memory Card

    SGD 851.00 excl. Tax

    Sony SBP128E SxS Pro+ E Series 128GB Memory Card

    SGD 1,419.00 excl. Tax

    Sony SBP256E SxS Pro+ E Series 256GB Memory Card

    SGD 2,500.00 excl. Tax

Media - XQD


Sony XQD Memory Card
In the word of videography and shooting, memory storage is an essential aspect. The level of storage of your device determines the number of picture you can take and the maximum video coverage one is able to facilitate. Ideally, it determines how efficient your coverage process would be. Therefore, when come to selecting your choice of memory card, keen consideration is necessary. Getting the ideal media storage might be quite a challenge. That is why most people prefer Sony XQD Memory Cards. With these products, you are always certain of quality and perfection. You are always guaranteed originality and durability. Depending on one’s preferences and storage requirements, there are several Sony XQD Cards to choose from.

    Sony QD-G120F SYM 120GB XQD G Series Memory Card

    Sony QD-G240F SYM 240GB XQD G Series Memory Card

    Sony QD-G32E 32GB XQD G Series Memory Card

    SGD 125.00 excl. Tax

    Sony QD-G64E 64GB XQD G Series Memory Card with USB 3.0 and PCI Express Gen 2

    SGD 202.00 excl. Tax

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