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Clear-Com HSI6000 2.5mm Headset Adapter for DX Series Beltpacks

USD 92.00 excl. Tax

Clear-Com MD-XLR Headset Adapter for using terminated dynamic headsets

USD 95.00 excl. Tax

RODE Blimp Extension Long Shotgun Blimp Extension Kit for original Blimp

USD 66.60 excl. Tax

RODE MiCon-9 Cable for Select Sennheiser Lemo Devices

USD 61.47 excl. Tax

RODE Micro Boompole Pro Ultra-Lightweight Modular Boompole – 2.2m

USD 96.31 excl. Tax

RODE NT45-C Interchangeable Cardioid capsule

USD 87.09 excl. Tax

RODE NT45-O Interchangeable Omnidirectional Capsule

USD 87.09 excl. Tax

RODE PG2-R Pistol Grip Shock Mount designed to reduce handling noise

USD 76.84 excl. Tax

RODE PSA1 Professional Studio Boom Arm

USD 97.33 excl. Tax

RODE RS-1 Twin-Dock Recharge Station

USD 96.31 excl. Tax

RODE SC6-L Dual TRRS input and headphone output for Apple Devices

USD 72.74 excl. Tax

RODE SMR Premium shock mount with Rycote onboard

USD 76.84 excl. Tax