We derive a strong sense of satisfaction in seeing our clients with hi-tech audio solutions. When your business is in need of the best performance, our iconic Gooseneck Microphone is all you need. It could not have been any easier bringing back the lost memories through quality sound.

Please visit our store and may seek advice from us. Regionally we have presence in Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Singapore.

Expandore is one of the best re-seller Singapore. We offer all kind of camera support products in reasonable price with the highest quality of services. We have always satisfied our customers and have fulfilled their needs. As we understand our customer’s thoughts and provide them with what they need, they became are regular customer for most of the times.

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Audio-Technica ES905CL Cardioid Rigid-pipe Condenser Microphone

USD 495.00 excl. Tax

Clear-Com 110 Series of Gooseneck Condenser Microphones

USD 265.00USD 335.00 excl. Tax

Audio-Technica U857QU UniLine Condenser Quick-mount Gooseneck Microphone

USD 293.00 excl. Tax

Audio-Technica U857RL UniLine Adapter-mount Gooseneck Microphone

USD 280.00 excl. Tax

Audio-Technica U857QL Cardioid Condenser Gooseneck Microphone

USD 273.00 excl. Tax

Audio-Technica U857Q Cardioid Condenser Gooseneck Microphone

USD 266.00 excl. Tax

Clear-com GN 25cm / 45cm Plug-in gooseneck microphone

USD 215.00USD 225.00 excl. Tax

Clear-Com GM-9 and GM-18 Gooseneck Microphones

USD 205.00USD 220.00 excl. Tax

Audio-Technica AT808G Subcardioid Dynamic Console Microphone

USD 154.00 excl. Tax

Audio-Technica PRO 47TL Cardioid Condenser Thread-mount Microphone

USD 129.00 excl. Tax

Audio-Technica PRO47T Cardioid Condenser Gooseneck Microphone

USD 129.00 excl. Tax

Audio-Technica U855QL Cardioid Dynamic Gooseneck Microphone

USD 119.00 excl. Tax