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Audio-Technica BP4071L Line + Gradient Condenser Microphone

USD 1,270.00 excl. Tax

Audio-Technica BP4073 Line + Gradient Condenser Microphone

USD 977.00 excl. Tax

Azden SGM-1000 Shotgun Microphone

USD 290.00 excl. Tax

Azden SGM-2100 Super Directional Gun Microphone

USD 229.00 excl. Tax

Azden SGM-250 Professional Dual Powered Shotgun Microphone

USD 249.00 excl. Tax

Azden SGM-250CX Short Length Professional Compact Cine Mic

USD 200.00 excl. Tax

Azden SGM-3416 Professional High quality Shotgun Microphone

USD 500.00 excl. Tax

Azden SGM-3416L High quality Professional Shotgun Microphone

USD 550.00 excl. Tax

Azden SGM-3500 / SGM-3500L Broadcast Spec Shotgun Microphones

USD 495.00USD 540.00 excl. Tax

Azden SGM-990+i Shotgun Microphone for Cameras and Mobile Devices

USD 85.00 excl. Tax

Azden SGM-DSLR Broadcast Quality Shotgun Microphone for DSLR Cameras

USD 157.00 excl. Tax

Azden SGM-PD II Professional Mini Shotgun Microphone

USD 179.00 excl. Tax