Camera and audio equipment bags for easy transportation and more safety. We have wide range of products in camera support which are cost-effective. Flexible and strong that fulfill the needs of cameramen’s everyday work in serious cliamtic situations around the world.

Expandore offers large varieties of products at competitive price. We have well-trained staffs who are expert in handling the Sachtler products. They will clarify your doubts and help you to use the products. We are one of the leading authorized dealer for Sachtler products in Singapore and we are well-known for our customers service. We are also dealing with Sachtler products’ spare parts and do servicing.

Expandore puts its full effort to answer your queries, fulfill your needs and also provide good customer service. Available both on-line order and walk in. May get in Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and India.

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Sachtler SN617 Lightweight Audio Bag – Large with transparent top window

USD 295.00 excl. Tax

Sachtler SN614 Lightweight Audio Bag – Medium with transparent top window

USD 286.00 excl. Tax

Sachtler SN608 Compact Wireless Receiver / Transmitter Bag

USD 90.00 excl. Tax

Sachtler SN607 Lightweight Audio Bag – Small with transparent top window

USD 176.00 excl. Tax

Sachtler SN602 Eargonizer – Large Audio Bag with transparent top window

USD 303.00 excl. Tax

Sachtler SN601 Eargonizer – Small Audio Bag with transparent top window

USD 283.00 excl. Tax

Sachtler ST702 Large Roll-along heavy duty tripod cage

USD 337.00 excl. Tax

Sachtler ST701 – Medium Heavy Duty Roll – along tripod cage

USD 323.00 excl. Tax

Sachtler SM802 4.5”-7.5” Compact LCD Monitor Bag

USD 143.00 excl. Tax

Sachtler SM803 9-inch Standard LCD Monitor Bag

USD 160.00 excl. Tax

Sachtler SL2001 Lighting Bag with built-in heavy duty wheels

USD 161.00 excl. Tax

Sachtler SL2004 Large Lite case system designed to hold lights and stands

USD 331.00 excl. Tax