We are specialized to provide Professional Battery and it’s accessories. We care variety of brands such as Anton Bauer, IDX, Dynacore, Sony and etc..

Offers a wide variety of accessories to power your shoot. Gold Mount has set the stage for battery communication and future technology by providing a fully integrated battery system for broadcast, professional video, and digital cinema.

Expandore is the main dealer in Singapore. We offer all products including spare parts . Expandore has been a great partner to our customers not because of the price we have been offering, but has gone extra miles to advise customers by recommending the best fit of the tripods based on their needs.

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Dynacore D-130MS 130Wh V-Mount MINI Li-ion Battery

USD 245.00 excl. Tax

Dynacore D-155MS RUGGED Mini V-Mount Battery

USD 250.00 excl. Tax

Dynacore D-200MS 200Wh V-Mount MINI Li-ion Battery

Dynacore D-LPE6 DV Li-ion Battery (Canon Style)

USD 22.00 excl. Tax

Dynacore D-MS Micro V-Mount Plate

USD 28.00 excl. Tax

Dynacore D-MS-CA V-Mount Adapter with Cage

USD 55.00 excl. Tax

Dynacore D-MS-GJ V-Mount Adapter with C-Clamp

USD 54.00 excl. Tax

Dynacore D-MS-PG V-Mount Adapter for Camera Rig Rail

USD 63.00 excl. Tax

Dynacore D-MS-YS V-Mount Adapter with Belt Clip

USD 38.00 excl. Tax

Dynacore D-SX9 Mount for Sony FX9 Camera

Dynacore D-TMS Hot-Swap Plate

USD 170.00 excl. Tax

Dynacore D-TS Universal Hot-Swap battery mount

USD 139.00 excl. Tax

Dynacore DPM-155S Tiny V-Mount Li-ion Battery

USD 335.00 excl. Tax

Dynacore DPM-65S Tiny V-Mount Battery

USD 136.00 excl. Tax

Dynacore DPM-98S Tiny V-Mount Battery

USD 210.00 excl. Tax

Dynacore DS-260S 260Wh High Load V-Mount Battery Pack

USD 440.00 excl. Tax