We offer comprehensive range of professional video tripod and Cameras support which includes stabilizer and Crank. Please visit our store and may seek advice from us. Brands we are offering are, Sachtler, Miller, Vinten, Libec , Glidecam, and Manfotto.

Fluid heads are compact, reliable and lightweight which are available in different head sizes such as 75mm, 100mm, 150mm. Miller fluid heads are capable to hold the weight up to 45kg. Camera support systems are widely used in electronic news gatherings (ENG), electronic field production (EFP) and digital video applications. It has been used in different industries like production houses, corporate, educational and government institutions around the world.

Expandore is the main dealer in Singapore. We offer all products including spare parts . Expandore has been a great partner to our customers not because of the price we have been offering, but has gone extra miles to advise customers by recommending the best fit of the tripods based on their needs.

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Cartoni Focus 12 (HF1200) Fluid Heads with 100 mm bowl base

USD 960.00 excl. Tax

Cartoni Focus 18 (HF1800) Fluid Heads with 100 mm bowl base

USD 2,268.00 excl. Tax

Cartoni Focus 22 (HF2200) Fluid Heads with 100 mm bowl base

USD 3,344.00 excl. Tax

Cartoni H529 Focus HD Fluid Heads with 100 mm bowl base

USD 716.00 excl. Tax

Cartoni H541 Master MK2 Fluid Heads Flat base

USD 6,345.00 excl. Tax

Cartoni H570 Maxima 40 Fluid Heads Flat base

USD 9,240.00 excl. Tax

Cartoni HF0800 Focus 8 Fluid Heads Weighing from 0 to 8Kg with 75mm bowl base

Cartoni HF08S0 Focus 8S Fluid Heads Weighing up to 8Kg with 75mm bowl base

Cartoni HL2500/TA Lambda 25 Third Axis Fluid Heads SFX

USD 5,800.00 excl. Tax

Cartoni HL2500/TD Total Dutch Fluid Heads SFX Allows unprecedented 360° rotation

USD 7,987.50 excl. Tax

Cartoni HL5000/TA Lambda 50 Third Axis Fluid Heads SFX

USD 8,125.00 excl. Tax

Cartoni HM3100 Maxima 30 Fluid Heads Flat base

USD 9,875.00 excl. Tax