Pedestals offer excellent performance in the studio and in outside broadcasting. In this type of shooting, picture transmission needs to remain of the highest quality, especially during on-air movement of the pedestal column. Pedestals guarantee smooth, precise and vibration-free height adjustment. pedestal range covers all weight classes and a variety of construction types and offers a selection of accessories for both studio and OB action.

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Libec P110B Pedestal System (Outside Broadcast Version)

SGD 5,969.33 excl. Tax

Libec P110S COMPACT Pedestal System – Studio Version

Libec P110S Pedestal System – Studio Version

SGD 7,162.05 excl. Tax

Libec RSP-750PD(B) Pedestal System – Outside Broadcast Version

SGD 10,107.53 excl. Tax

Libec RSP-750PD(S) Pedestal System – Studio Version

SGD 11,300.25 excl. Tax

Libec RSP-850PD(B) Pedastal System – Outside Broadcast Version

SGD 11,380.05 excl. Tax

Libec RSP-850PD(S) Pedestal System – Studio Version -100mm

SGD 12,574.20 excl. Tax

Miller 1971 Arrowx 3 Combo Pedestal System

SGD 9,234.00 excl. Tax

Miller 1978 Arrowx 5 Combo Pedestal System

SGD 10,503.68 excl. Tax

Miller 1985 Arrowx 7 Combo Pedestal System

SGD 11,773.35 excl. Tax

Miller 3250 Arrowx 5 Combo Live 30 Pedestal System

SGD 13,043.03 excl. Tax

Miller 3260 Arrowx 7 Combo Live 30 Pedestal with Payload range of 6-25kg

SGD 14,312.70 excl. Tax

Sachtler Combi Ped 1-40 Pedestal ideal for travelling

SGD 19,171.95 excl. Tax

Sachtler Pedestal C I With load capacity of 20 kg

SGD 5,041.21 excl. Tax

Sachtler Pedestal C III for small studios and outside broadcasting

SGD 13,851.00 excl. Tax

Sachtler System 25 C III Pedestal includes Video 25 Plus FB fluid head

SGD 25,782.53 excl. Tax