We offer comprehensive range of professional video tripod and Cameras support which includes stabilizer and Crank. We are Professional Tripod Supplier Singapore Please visit our store and may seek advice from us. Brands we are offering Sachtler, Miller, Vinten, Libec , Glidecam, and etc..

Expandore is one of the best re-seller Singapore. We offer all kind of camera support products in reasonable price with the highest quality of services. We have always satisfied our customers and have fulfilled their needs. As we understand our customer’s thoughts and provide them with what they need, they became are regular customer for most of the times

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Cartoni K518/2G Gamma 2 Stage Aluminium ENG Tripod

Cartoni T624 Heavy Duty Studio Aluminium Tripod with Mid-level Spreader

USD 1,044.00 excl. Tax

Cartoni T624/2M 2-Stage Studio and Heavy Duty Aluminium Tripod – 150mm

USD 1,267.00 excl. Tax

Cartoni T624/C Studio and Heavy Duty Carbon Fiber Tripod

USD 1,513.00 excl. Tax

Cartoni T624/S Studio Minibaby Aluminium Tripod with 150 mm bowl base

USD 891.25 excl. Tax

Cartoni T624/SC Studio Minibaby Carbon Fiber Tripod with 150 mm bowl base

USD 1,523.75 excl. Tax

Cartoni T625/2 Studio and Heavy Duty 2-Stage Aluminium Tripod

USD 1,650.00 excl. Tax

Cartoni T625/B Heavy Duty Baby Aluminium Tripod with 150 mm bowl base

USD 1,392.00 excl. Tax

Cartoni T625/E Heavy Duty Elevation Unit Tripod with Mid-level Spreader – 150mm

USD 3,695.00 excl. Tax

Cartoni T625/M Heavy Duty 1-Stage Aluminium Tripod with Mitchell flat base

USD 1,342.00 excl. Tax

Cartoni T625/S Heavy Duty Baby Aluminium Tripod with Mitchell flat base

Libec T150B Heavy Duty 150mm 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod