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Professional Camcorders in Singapore | Blackmagic Pocket Cinema, Etc.

Professional Camcorders ensure awesome capturing of every moment. It is made for capturing professional and perfect shots in different types of media such as in packaging, education, corporate, entertainment and in any industry. It doesn’t leave anything for chances; taking the best shot of every happening to appreciate fully the functionality of your video camera.

We have a broad range of professional video camera products that are specially made for capturing and recording videos. These video cameras are loaded with amazing features and specifications for optimal filming. Professional video camera products from Sony, Canon, Blackmagic Camera, Panasonic, Datavideo, GoPro, etc. in Singapore.

Expandore offers a variety of camera support solutions at affordable pricing and the best possible customer service as one of the top resellers in Singapore. We have always met the needs of our clients and gratified them. Clients often become repeat customers due to our ability to comprehend their requirements and accommodate them.