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4. Presentation / Conference (8)

5. Accessories (20)

6. Software (14)

Teleprompters are pretty helpful when someone wants to communicate a lot of information to a prominent audience. Speakers can use teleprompters when delivering extremely technical, difficult-to-remember, or involving vital facts that must be accurate. These displays enable presenters to recite from prepared scripts or speeches while maintaining constant visual contact with the camera.

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Factors to be considered when choosing a teleprompter :
There is a wide variety of Teleprompters available in the market. The easiest and most effective is to use it with I-pad, making it simple and cheaper. However, owing to its size, the Ipad type of teleprompter might not always be suitable to meet your requirements. Let’s look into more details of others’ considerations.

Points to be considered
1. Size and weight
2. Visibility and readability
3. Compatibility
4. Cost
5. Portability
6. User-friendliness
7. Cameras Used

Size and weight:
Consider the size and weight of the teleprompter, as it needs to be compatible with the camera and support equipment you are using. A larger teleprompter may be suitable for a studio setup, while a smaller and more lightweight model may be better for on-location shoots.
The largest Teleprompter allows you to stand further from the teleprompter and you can set your text to a larger font to improve readability, as in 2022, the largest size is 21 or 23 inches

Visibility and readability:
The display screen should be clear and easy to read, even from a distance. Look for a model with a high resolution and brightness level ( Highly reflective in its split beam ) that is suitable for the lighting conditions in which you’ll be shooting. Some teleprompters also offer compatibility with iPads, which can serve as the display screen.

Ensure that the teleprompter is compatible with the camera and tripod you are using. It’s important to check that the teleprompter mount is compatible with your camera’s mounting system and that the teleprompter itself can be attached securely to your tripod. If you plan to use an iPad as the display screen, make sure the teleprompter is compatible with iPads.

Software compatibility:
The teleprompter software should be compatible with your computer’s operating system and any video editing software you plan to use. If you plan to use an iPad as the display screen, make sure the teleprompter software is compatible with iPads. The good news is good, there are several free Scrolling text apps that you may download to your I-pad

Teleprompters come in a range of prices, so consider your budget and what features are most important to you. Price could range from USD 60 – USD 5000

Consider how portable the teleprompter is, especially if you plan to use it for outdoor or on-location shoots. If you plan to use an iPad as the display screen, consider how easy it is to transport and set up the teleprompter with an iPad. They are several models that Come in a case or soft bag.

Look for a teleprompter that is easy to set up and use, with intuitive controls and a straightforward interface. If you plan to use an iPad as the display screen, consider how easy it is to use the teleprompter software with an iPad.

Most teleprompters are designed to work with certain types of cameras, so consider if the teleprompter you choose is compatible with your camera and if it allows for smooth integration between the teleprompter and your camera equipment. Suggest choosing the use that accepts a wide range of cameras, eg from Mirrorless to Professional camcorders.