Teleprompters are pretty helpful when someone wants to communicate a lot of information to a prominent audience. Speakers can use teleprompters when delivering extremely technical, difficult to remember, or involving vital facts that must be accurate. These displays enable presenters to recite from prepared scripts or speeches while maintaining constant visual contact with the camera.

Expandore is the best choice for you if you are searching for teleprompters. Our teleprompters are the best because they provide a high-definition experience, are user-friendly and designed to meet professionals’ needs.

Expandore offers the most affordable range of teleprompters in Singapore, suitable for both outdoor and studio applications in most conditions. With the increasing demand for this product, we offer the high-quality teleprompter at the most economical price. The broadest range of entry-level teleprompters from the prompting experts, including 7”, 10”, 17”, iPhone, iPad & Tablet PC solutions at unbeatable prices.

Expandore offers a variety of camera support solutions at affordable pricing and the best possible customer service. We have always fulfilled and met the requirements of our clients, and clients often become repeat customers due to our ability to comprehend and accommodate their needs.

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