Expandore offers most affordable range of teleprompter suitable to be used in most conditions both outdoor and studio application. With the increasing demand of this product ,we are offering the high quality teleprompter at the most economical price. The widest range of entry-level teleprompters from the prompting experts, including 7”,10”,17”, iPhone, iPad & Tablet PC solutions, at unbeatable prices.

Expandore is one of the best re-seller Singapore. We offer all kind of camera support products in reasonable price with the highest quality of services. We have always satisfied our customers and have fulfilled their needs. As we understand our customer’s thoughts and provide them with what they need, they became are regular customer for most of the times.

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DataVideo TP-500-BTHC DSLR Teleprompter Kit (w/ Bluetooth Remote & Carrying Case)

USD 680.00 excl. Tax

DataVideo TP-300 Tablet Teleprompter Kit

USD 572.00 excl. Tax

Datavideo TP-650 Large Screen Prompter Kit for ENG Cameras

USD 823.00 excl. Tax

Datavideo DVP-100 dv Prompter Pro Server Control multiple prompters from one controller

USD 465.00 excl. Tax

Autocue 5″ Preview Prompter Monitor

Autocue MSP12 Master Series 12″ Teleprompter

Autocue MSP17 Master Series 17″ Teleprompter with locking BNC and XLR connectors

Autocue MSP20 Master Series 20″ Teleprompter

Autocue Manual Conference System – Professional Series

Autocue PSP08 Professional Series 8″ Teleprompter

Autocue PSP12 Straight-Read Professional Series Teleprompter

Autocue PSP12 Professional Series 12″ Teleprompter