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DataVideo TLM-170V 17″ ScopeView Production Monitor

USD 1,493.00 excl. Tax

DataVideo TLM-170VR 17.3″ Full HD Desktop Monitor

USD 1,639.00 excl. Tax

JVC DT-E17L4G 17-inch Multi-format LCD Monitor (LED Backlit)

USD 2,083.00 excl. Tax

JVC DT-E21L4G 21-inch Multi-format LCD Monitor (LED BACKLIT)

USD 2,166.00 excl. Tax

Sony LMD-B240 24-inch lightweight basic grade Full HD LCD monitor

USD 2,308.00 excl. Tax

Panasonic BT-LH910G High performance 9-inch LCD production monitor

USD 2,495.00 excl. Tax

Sony LMD-A170 v2.0 17-inch lightweight Full HD LCD Monitor

USD 2,599.00 excl. Tax

JVC DT-V17G2 17-inch HD LCD Broadcast Production Monitor

USD 2,724.00 excl. Tax

Panasonic BT-3DL2550E 25.5″ 3D Production Display Monitor

USD 2,999.00 excl. Tax

Panasonic BT-LH2170E 21.5″ LCD monitor with native HD resolution

USD 2,999.00 excl. Tax

Sony LMD-A220 v2.0 22-inch lightweight Full HD high grade LCD Monitor

USD 3,099.95 excl. Tax

JVC DT-V21G2 21-inch Multi-Format LCD Monitor

USD 3,278.00 excl. Tax

Sony LMD-A240 v2.0 24-inch Full HD LCD monitor for studio and field use

USD 3,499.00 excl. Tax

JVC DT-V17G25 10BIT – 17″ HD LCD Broadcast Production Monitor

USD 3,570.00 excl. Tax

JVC DT-V24G2 10BIT – 24 inch HD LCD Broadcast Production Monitor

USD 3,832.00 excl. Tax

Sony PVM-A170 17-inch TRIMASTER EL OLED Monitor

USD 3,895.00 excl. Tax