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Canon EOS C500 4K Super 35mm Cinema Camera with DIGIC DV III Image Processor

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  • 8.85MP Super 35mm CMOS sensor
  • 4K RAW
  • Interchangeable lens (EF mount)
  • Compact, modular, lightweight
  • 50Mbps MPEG-2 MXF to CF card
  • High sensitivity, low noise
  • Canon Log Gamma
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Canon EOS C500 4K Super 35mm Cinema Camera

The powerful, compact EOS C500 offers 4K video capture, RAW data output and Canon Log Gamma to unleash the full potential of Cinema EF Lenses and deliver high-quality video with wide dynamic range.

4K 10 bit RAW

The EOS C500 offers 4K 10-bit RAW, 2K RGB (4:4:4, 10 / 12 bit) or Full HD RGB data output to a compatible third party external device at frame rates of up to 60P. Two further SDI outputs can connect to an external monitor. Simultaneously record Full HD MXF files to CF cards for use as proxies in desktop editing.

Canon Log

Shooting with Canon Log delivers neutral image quality with wide dynamic range – 12-stops of latitude at a base setting of ISO 850 – for maximum freedom in post-production.

Slow and Fast Motion

During internal CF recording mode, the Canon EOS C500 4K provides a Slow and Fast Motion Mode that can be used to record at a different frame rate than the playback frame rate, thereby resulting in either a fast or slow motion effect. Because the Canon EOS C500 4K is recording real frames, and simply modifying the data playback rate, there is no overall quality loss due to interpolation; maximum image quality is maintained. In HD 1080 mode, fast motion is supported at up to 30-times normal rate and as slow as 1/1.25sec.; in HD 720 mode, fast motion is supported up to 60-times the normal rate, and as slow as 1/2.5 seconds. In 4K / 2K output modes the camera provides variable frame rate control that can be output to external recorders.

The Canon EOS C500 4K incorporates an interval recording function. With this feature set, users can program the camera to record a specified number of frames at specified intervals for time-lapse capture.

Canon EOS C500 4K/2K Workflow

The Canon EOS C500 4K fully supports both 4K and 2K image resolutions; as such, it is the ideal choice for demanding video productions across a wide gamut that ranges from high-quality commercials and TV dramas to motion-picture releases. A 4K workflow offers four times the resolution of standard high-definition acquisition, resulting in life-like theatrical presentations, a familiar, film-style workflow, full versatility during post-production, and added flexibility for visual effects.

Canon design engineers have developed a 4K/2K acquisition platform and matching workflow for the video and motion-picture industries. With 4K rapidly moving to become the de facto standard for theatrical projection, the need for high-resolution acquisition is a production reality. The EOS C500 is designed to fit seamlessly with projects shot entirely in 4K, or for mixed 4K/2K productions. Coupled to external data recorders, the EOS C500 is a true “4K powerhouse,” while still retaining the flexibility to handle standard HD workflows.

Cinema RAW Capture

The Canon EOS C500 4K lets you capture images in a choice of 4K Cinema RAW and 4K Half Cinema RAW modes at frame rates up to, respectively, 60 fps and 120 fps, with 10-bit resolution. For enhanced flexibility, these two Bayer RAW modes are offered in a choice of Digital Cinema Initiatives/DCI 1.895:1 or Quad Full High Definition/QFHD 16:9 aspect ratios.

4K RAW data output from the EOS C500 image sensor can be recorded using about one-third of the space required for 4K RGB data, and Cinema RAW-based recording systems offer an enhanced degree of creative freedom during post-processing.

Primary applications for Cinema RAW include video production for high-end commercials and major motion-picture releases, in addition to footage for high-quality visual effects. 4K Cinema RAW data output can be processed using the Cinema RAW Development software application, which is available through the Canon website.

Imaging Sensor
Effective Pixels4096 x 2160 pixels; Approx. 8.85 megapixels
Total Pixels4206 x 2340 pixels; Approx. 9.84 megapixels
Sensor TypeCMOS
Sensor SizeSuper 35; 26.2 x 13.8 (29.6 mm diagonal); 6.4 µm cell pitch
Scanning SystemProgressive
Number of Sensors1
FilterRGB Primary Color Filter (Bayer Array)
Imaging ProcessorDigic DV III
Lens System
Interchangeable Lens SystemChoice of PL or EF mounts for compatibility with a wide variety of lens systems.
ND FilterMechanical ND filter system with option of clear, 2, 4, and 6 stops
Iris DialIris Dial located on camera body for use with EOS EF Lenses with electronic Iris control (EF Camera version only)
Peripheral Illumination CorrectionAvailable on EF Mount model only
Focus SettingsManual
AF ModesNone
Compression8 Bit MPEG-2 Long GOP
Maximum Bit rate50Mbps (CBR)
Recording MediaCF Card (Type 1 Only); 2 Slots (Movie Files); UDMA supported SD Card (Still Images (JPEG), Custom Picture Data*, Clip Metadata, and menu settings); SD/SDHC/SDXC Supported; MMC Cards are not supported *Custom Picture Data and settings is not compatible with data from others Canon models
File FormatMXF (OP-1a)
File SystemFAT 32
Maximum Clip Number999 (per media)
Viewing Angle AdjustmentAvailable; Viewing Angle can be adjusted up and down 60°
Diopter Adjustment Range+2.0 to -5.5
EVF AdjustmentsBrightness, Contrast, Color, and Backlight (Normal or Bright)
SupplyDC 7.4 V (Battery Pack) / DC 8.4 V (DC In)
Power TerminalDC in on camera (no need for Dummy Battery)
BatteryBP-9 Series (Excluding BP-925)
Compact Power AdapterCA-940N
  • EOS C500 Body (with Camera Cover)
  • Monitor Unit (with Microphone Holder Unit and Screws for MHU)
  • Handle unit
  • Thumb Rest
  • WFT Adapter
  • Tripod Adapter Base
  • Eye Cup
  • SS-1200 Shoulder Strap
  • BP-955 Battery Pack (with Terminal Cover)
  • CG-940 Battery Charger
  • CA-940 Compact Power Adapter
  • DC Cable for CA-940
  • AC Cable
  • XF Utilities Disc Ver.31
  • Instruction Manual
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