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Miller Home Broadcast System 3 Tripod for PTZ camera

Miller Home Broadcast System 2 Tripod for PTZ camera

Aputure MC12 12- Light Kit with Charging Case

USD 1,499.00 excl. Tax

Miller Home Broadcast System 1 Tripod for PTZ camera

Meking L-2000A Portable Aluminium Alloy Students Light Stand for Photography

USD 37.13 excl. Tax

ZiFon BP-230 230Wh 14.8V -V Mount Li-ion Battery

USD 204.84 excl. Tax

Shure SM7B Vocal Microphone

USD 399.00 USD 383.43 excl. Tax

Video Solutions VSPrompter 3.0 Teleprompter Software

USD 300.00USD 800.00 excl. Tax

Aputure MC 4 – Light Kit with Charging Case

USD 449.00 excl. Tax

Video Solutions VSS-21PTZ Teleprompter for PTZ Cameras

USD 2,650.00USD 2,900.00 excl. Tax

Video Solutions VSS-21Pro Professional Studio Teleprompter

USD 3,500.00USD 3,700.00 excl. Tax

Aputure LS 300X Bi-Color LED Light with Bowens-S Mount

USD 1,199.00 excl. Tax