The 5 Most Popular Wireless Portable Speaker Systems in Singapore

There used to be a time when simply being able to hear music or audio through your speakers was enough to keep you satisfied, but with developments in technology, different aspects of our speakers also experienced significant improvements. One such area affected by these developments is the wires since we now enjoy wireless portable speakers. 

In an era where wireless technology dominates every device we use, it’s perfectly normal for it to also grace speakers. Speakers used to be stationary, and we used to rely on proper placement and the sheer number of them when it came to holding events, but with wireless portable speakers, we can take the sounds with us everywhere we go. 

These devices are perfect public address (PA) systems in a studio setting. It used to be that crew members used megaphones or wireless intercom systems to communicate, and while those devices are effective, nothing beats having a device that covers a vast area in one go. 

If you are looking for excellent PA systems or just new ways to enjoy music and other types of audio files, then read the article to find out what the 5 best wireless portable speaker systems in Singapore are.

5 Best Wireless Portable Systems in Singapore

Wireless technology has paved the way for countless possibilities regarding how we use different devices. We just used to accept that wired devices will stay stationary once we’ve found a good spot for them, and we just move them if we found another place to move them to. 

Wireless speakers eliminated the cumbersomeness of these processes by taking wires out of the equation entirely. By streamlining the whole design and getting rid of the cables, users will get to focus on the things that matter: delivering clear audio. 

Here are the best wireless portable systems you can find in Singapore:

1. Samson Expedition XP106w Portable PA with Wireless System

With devices like these, portability is always the main concern, but that doesn’t mean that other areas are sacrificed because of it. The Samson Expedition Portable PA delivers in the portability department and the sound quality area. The sound quality is guaranteed to be top of the line, featuring a 6” woofer and a 1” high-frequency driver.  

As for the weight, the Expedition clocks in just below 24lbs, so moving it from place to place will not be a hassle. With its low current draw and a 20-hour rechargeable battery, this device is also efficient regarding power consumption.

2. Samson Expedition XP300B Portable PA All-in-one Sound System

The Samson Expedition XP300B takes mixing to a whole new level by offering a 6-channel mixer, allowing you to make accurate customisations with the sound. The two 6” speakers also help the sound quality by providing two outputs. 

Regarding portability, its speaker locking system makes it easier for users to travel with the device, essentially locking all the parts together in one unit. Weighing in at under 24lbs, the device is also relatively easy to lift and put down wherever. It also has Bluetooth connectivity and phantom power for microphones, enhancing the mics’ sound quality.

3. Mackie Freeplay LIVE Personal PA w/ Bluetooth

The Mackie Freeplay LIVE uses a more compact design than other PA systems in this list. But that doesn’t mean the sound quality is sacrificed to make way for the smaller design. This device’s 2-channel digital mixer ensures that whatever sound quality you have in mind is what you’ll get. 

Another fantastic capability of this device is the 15-hour run time provided by the Li-ion battery. Connectivity is also a breeze since you have different methods of connecting to your device, with Bluetooth streaming and the Freeplay Connect App as your options.

4. Yamaha STAGEPAS 600BT Portable PA System

5. Yamaha STAGEPAS 1K Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Some speakers need to be adjusted to fit a particular frequency, but the Yamaha STAGEPAS 1K has a very clear definition of what it is and what it can accomplish. With 12” subwoofers specifically built for low-frequency sounds, you can feel the bass using this wireless portable speaker. 

This device also has a single knob that takes care of various EQs needed for different functions. You can also find the fantastic features used in the STAGEPAS 600BT here in this model, like the SPX digital reverb and feedback suppressor.

What Is A Wireless Portable Speaker/PA System?

A wireless system that can produce different sorts of audio benefits not just those at home, but also production crews. Aside from producing music, you can use these devices as PA systems where you can cover a vast area without needing to use multiple devices connected to the primary device, like in intercoms. 

The use of these devices doesn’t end there either, since you can use these wireless portable speakers virtually anywhere where instructions or announcements are needed to be given. Here are functions where you can use these devices: 

  • Video production sets 
  • Church functions 
  • Parties 
  • Hosting gigs
  • Weddings
  • Busking

These are just some of the events you can use these devices on, and it’s really up to your imagination where else you can use them. As long as the situation calls for a need for these devices, then you have a reason to use them.

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