Top 7 Studio Lighting Systems in Singapore

Aputure Amaran P60X LED Panel


Studio lighting devices or systems give that much-needed boost to your photo or video shoots. It’s no secret that lighting can drastically affect the quality of your shoots, and choosing the right one is crucial if you want to go for a particular look. 

Studio lighting systems also have different types, each with its corresponding strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes, the situation calls for a specific kind of studio lighting set-up; that’s why keeping a variety of lights is also essential. 

How can you find the right one for you with many studio lighting sets out right now? Read the article to find out. 

Studio Lighting Systems 

Sometimes, different photo or video shoots require artificial light to be introduced, and this process is done to simulate the effects of natural light on the subjects. Introducing artificial light can also enhance and accentuate various things the photographer or director wants to focus on. 

Different types of studio lighting systems have their advantages and disadvantages; there are also various factors you have to look out for before purchasing one. Some factors that you need to consider are: 

  • Portability 
  • Colour temperatures
  • Lamp life 
  • Heat emission 
  • How smooth and flicker-free the dimming function is 
  • Ease of assembly 
  • Lighting type (Strobe, Continuous, or Speedlight) 

By knowing these factors, you can turn your vision into reality. Knowing what a particular lighting system does will help you apply those things to your projects and produce a final product in line with your specific plan. 

Studio lighting systems aren’t just lights; they are tools to help you enhance the viewers’ experience. How that experience will turn out is up to you and how you utilise your studio lighting systems. 

Top 7 Studio Lighting Sets in Singapore

Studio lighting devices have qualities that make them perfect for particular settings and shoots. You also have to consider whether the lighting sets have options for colour temperatures. 

Portability is another concern for studio lighting systems, as shoots can take you anywhere, and it’s better to have a portable device so you can move with ease. 

Lastly, you should also consider the device’s ergonomic design since shoots can take hours, and having a well-designed system can help you ease fatigue and other factors during shoots. 

With that being said, here are the top seven studio lighting systems in Singapore.

1. BB&S Lighting Pipeline Reflect 

BB&S Lighting Pipeline Reflect


The BB&S Lighting Pipeline Reflect is a versatile studio lighting system in that you have many choices when it comes to length and mounting options. This lighting system is available in varying lengths, from 1 foot to 8 feet, and the options with how you can mount it are staggering. Essentially built as a rod, you can arrange this lighting system any way you want, especially if you own more than one. 

The BB&S Lighting Pipeline Reflect also does an excellent job of dispersing light at a 120-degree angle without any spill. With a choice between 3200°K, 4300°K, or 5600°K, even the light’s temperature can be fully customised. 

Key Features: 

  • A wide variety of options when it comes to length 
  • Easy mounting capability 
  • Can be operated by battery 
  • Output reaching up to 8000 Lumens
  • Strobe capability 

2. BB&S Lighting Pipeline 1 Foot 4-Bank

BB&S Lighting Pipeline 1 Foot 4-Bank


The BB&S Lighting Pipeline 1 Foot 4-Bank Lighting System is one of the options among the LED Remote Phosphor Lighting family, including the 2’ 2-Bank, 3 4-Bank, 4’ 4-Bank studio lighting systems. Weighing only 3 pounds and utilizing 1-foot lights, this particular lighting system is one of the most portable among other lighting systems within the family. 

One of the strengths of the 1-foot 4-bank lighting system is its ability to produce rich colours because the LEDs are separated from the phosphors in charge of rendering the colours. This separation means that the functions don’t overlap, creating clear cut lighting. 

Key Features: 

  • Portable compared to other lighting systems in its class 
  • Rich colour production at 95 TLCI 
  • Comes with a yoke and TVMP mount
  • A wide variety of mounting options 

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3. BB&S Lighting Pipeline Reporter Kit Lighting System 

BB&S Lighting Pipeline Reporter Kit Lighting System


The BB&S Lighting Pipeline Reporter Kit Lighting System boasts versatility and the ability to produce soft lights perfect for online meetings, presentations, and streaming. You also have the option between 3200K, 4300K, and 5600K when it comes to colour temperature, letting you choose what colour suits your videos well. 

This particular studio lighting system also has a TLCI rating of 95+, making it produce vibrant and eye-catching colours. The coverage of the lens is also wide, with 180 degrees of light dispersion without sacrificing quality. 

Key Features: 

  • 95+ TLCI quality 
  • 180° light dispersion 
  • Output per light clocks in at 1000 Lumens
  • Smooth dimming function 
  • Flicker-free lights

4. Litepanels Astra 6x Daylight LED Panel Lighting System

Litepanels Astra 6x Daylight LED Panel Lighting System


The Litepanels Astra 6x Daylight LED Panel Lighting System comes equipped with a 5600K LED panel which provides a strong daylight colour texture. The light quality of this lighting system is also unaffected by flickering, thanks in part to its fantastic cooling system, which can be activated manually or function passively. 

This lighting system is also compact and lightweight, weighing in at 3.2kg, allowing you to take it to any shooting location. The Astra is also surprisingly durable considering its light weight, making it the number one choice for customers who like to shoot on the go. 

Key Features: 

  • 3.2kg weight
  • 46° beam angle 
  • 100-0% smooth dimming 
  • Flicker-free lights
  • Has a TLCI rating of 95
  • 5600K colour temperature

5. Nanlite PavoTube LED Lighting System

Nanlite PavoTube LED Lighting System


The Nanlite PavoTube LED Lighting System takes every inch of its design seriously. From the octagonal ends, so it can be placed on the floor if the situation calls for it, to the things it can do, everything has a purpose, and no space is wasted. 

This lighting system has a TLCI rating of 95, giving you rich and full colours. Speaking of colours, one unique feature of the PavoTube Lighting System is its RGBW light tube that can simulate different lighting conditions and effects, saving you time, money and effort in looking for devices or post-production programs that will give you special effects. 

Key Features: 

  • RGBW lighting gives you many options when it comes to light temperatures
  • TLCI of 95 
  • Ergonomic octagonal design 
  • 100-0% smooth dimming 
  • 1400 Lumens per tube 

6. Aputure Amaran 100D LED Lighting System

Aputure Amaran 100D LED Lighting System


The main selling point of the Aputure Amaran 100D LED Lighting System is its ability to be controlled by Bluetooth applications. Apart from that fantastic feature, you can feel that this lighting system was built with filmmakers in mind since it was also built by filmmakers, ensuring attention to detail. 

Another unique feature that you can only see in the Amaran 100D is the ability to choose from a wide variety of special effects. Effects are often added in post-production, costing filmmakers extra bucks, but with this lighting system, effects like fireworks, lightning, explosion, and TV are just one click away. 

Key Features: 

  • 100-0% smooth dimming
  • Ultra-bright 750w tungsten lights
  • A wide variety of special effects 
  • Portable and lightweight 
  • 95 TLCI score  

7. Aputure Amaran 100x 100w LED Lighting System

Aputure Amaran 100x 100w LED Lighting System


The Aputure Amaran 100x 100w Bi-color LED Lighting System is an upgrade over the 100D, and its new features builds upon the already stellar features of the 100D. The new features include using 400w tungsten lights to produce a much brighter output, the option between 2700k-6500k colour temperatures, and the retention of its compact nature even after the upgrades. 

Being an upgrade over the 100D, the 100X still retains the features that made its predecessor amazing, like the smooth dimming feature, the 95+ TLCI rating, and the fantastic collection of different special effects. 

If you enjoyed the Aputure Amaran 100D, you would undoubtedly love the 100X. 

Key Features: 

  • 400w tungsten light for brighter output 
  • Customization of colour temperature
  • Compact 
  • A wide variety of special effects 
  • 95+ TLCI rating 


These are the seven best lighting systems you can find in Singapore, and all of these lighting systems are offered by us over at Expandore. We are committed to bringing you high-quality multimedia products, from cameras, mics, streaming devices, and studio lighting systems. 

For more information about our other products, please browse our website. You can also spot awesome deals or read other interesting articles. For your multimedia needs, trust that Expandore has got you covered. 

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