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Tripod Stand Quick Buying Guide: Choosing the Right One for You

A tripod stand is crucial to help you produce breathtaking videos and photographs. However, buying one can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to the world of photography and videography.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you. When it comes to buying a tripod, it all boils down to your primary objective.

  • Do you want to buy one for your studio and take stunning portraits?
  • Do you need a durable tripod for that grand landscape photography journey?
  • Do you like to do both?

Whichever you want, this article will help you choose the best tripod stand for you.

How to Buy a Tripod Stand: Three Essential Things to Consider

Size and Weight

The first thing that you need to consider when buying a tripod stand is its size. In this context, size matters!

Tripods come in various sizes, including mini tripods that fit in your pocket, travel tripods that you can conveniently carry with you in a camera bag, and professional studio tripods that can securely support heavy high-end cameras.

And, of course, weight is proportional to size. But in the rare instance that it is not, it can mean two things:

  • Cheap materials
  • Premium materials

The latter translates to extra cost. Large but light tripod stands can support heavier cameras while still having the feature of transportability.


Yes! Tripod stands have different speeds of deployment, and it matters. When shooting indoors where your subjects are standing still, speed might not be an issue. But if you’re into wildlife and weather photography, delaying for a couple of seconds could mean losing that perfect shot.

Easy-to-deploy tripod stands are more expensive (quick-release grips), but they offer you a solution to crisp photos whenever the opportunity arises. Slower ones usually have turn-lock legs but provide better stability.


Last but not least is the price. And this is where most of you ponder for hours. You probably end up asking, “can I afford this?”

In all honesty, the price can also mean quality and value. More expensive tripod stands offer more features such as mounting options, extensions, and camera compatibility.

These extra features may be a game-changer. It may give you a better photography or videography experience. However, in reality, these extras are just that: extras and non-essential. However, if money is not an issue, having the bells and whistles can make things smoother for you.

Four Best Tripod Stands Available in Singapore | One for Every Objective

, Tripod Stand Quick Buying Guide: Choosing the Right One for You

Best Tripod for Beginners

Libec TH-X Entry Level Tripod System with Payload of 4kg / 9.0lb

If you’re new to photography, you should start with something that has all the basic features without the hefty price tag.

The new TH-X, presented by Libec, is ideal for home videos, corporate assignments, documentaries, nature, sports, and journalist newsgathering. This tripod is easy to use, lightweight, and it can load almost any DSLR camera securely.

It also includes a new user-friendly tripod case with a shoulder strap and front pockets.

Payload: 4kg
Weight: 3.1kg
Height: 75.5-59cm



  • Dual Head structure
  • Snap ON/OFF plate
  • Improved tripod legs
  • Lightweight
  • Libec panhandle rosettes/threads
  • Newly designed carrying case

, Tripod Stand Quick Buying Guide: Choosing the Right One for You

Best 2-Stage Durable Tripod

Miller 1630 Solo 75 2-Stage Alloy Tripod Integrated 75mm bowl

As the name implies, this tripod is ideal for a single camera operator. This tripod is perfect for shooting in the field without an assistant. It’s simple to put together and transport on your own. It’s well-built and durable. If you’re into solo photography sessions, you will fall in love with this tripod.

This piece of equipment has rapid alloy locks for fast and secure setups. Plus, it only weighs 2.9kg, but it can handle cameras that weigh 4kg securely!

Payload: 20kg
Weight: 2.9kg
Height: 234-1625mm



  • Integrated 75mm bowl
  • Durable black anodized alloy legs
  • 3-position leg angle locking – no spreader
  • 2-stage rapid leg lock extension
  • Air Cell carry strap
  • Leg spike with a wind-down rubber feel
  • Neoprene leg protection

, Tripod Stand Quick Buying Guide: Choosing the Right One for You

Best Versatile Tripod

Sachtler Flowtech 75 GS Carbon Fiber Tripod with Ground Spreader

The Sachtler Flowtech 75 GS Carbon Fiber Tripod with Ground Spreader foregoes the traditional single or double carbon fiber tube design in favor of a redesigned leg shape for increased torsional strength and ease of deployment.

Each leg extends independently, and when separated from the spreader, each one can rotate freely. When working on rough or uneven terrain, this is an unbeatable feature to have. You can work without a spreader by removing the spreader and locking each leg in one of three positions.

This feature lets you spread the tripod legs out extremely wide for low shots while maintaining torsional stability. When working on plain flooring without the spreader, the double spikes at the end of each leg provide extra grip. With this tripod, anything is possible!


Payload: 20kg
Weight: 3.80kg
Height: 0.26-1.58m


  • Super low-shot
  • Durable carbon-fiber legs
  • Rapid setup
  • Modern deployment system
  • Removable ground spreader

, Tripod Stand Quick Buying Guide: Choosing the Right One for You

Best Heavy-Duty Tripod

Miller 937 Heavy Duty 150mm 2 Stage Carbon Fibre Tripod

Miller’s 937 HD tripod series is perfect for those who demand the most from their tripods regarding stability and strength. Although it weighs almost 4kg (still light for its size and payload capacity), it can secure 20kg cameras!

If you’re looking for pure stability, reliability, and durability, you can’t go wrong with the Miller 937. Its carbon fiber tubing can withstand even accidental impacts from the elements. If you want to capture breathtaking shots in harsh environments while carrying super valuable gear, this one is for you.


Payload: 95kg
Weight: 4.6kg
Height: 520-1615mm



  • 150mm alloy bowl
  • 1-stage flip-lock leg extension
  • Lightweight carbon fiber tubing
  • Split rigid carry handle
  • Suited for mid-level spreader
  • Integrated stainless steel spikes
  • Stay flat rubber feet
  • Integrated transport clips
  • 3-year warranty

All Things Considered

This guide is to give you a quick insight into buying a tripod stand. Although it does not provide all the nitty-gritty details, it should already help you know which tripod works best for you. Again, it’s all about what you want. Every tripod has its advantages and disadvantages.

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