VMix Vs Yolobox Which should I choose

Compare VMix with Yolobox for its Functionality, Cost, and Portability

Yolobox Pro

VMix and YoloBox Pro are both popular solutions for live video production and streaming. Here’s a comparison of their functionality, cost, portability, and other factors:

VMix is a powerful software for live video production and streaming, offering features such as multi-camera switching, video recording, live streaming to multiple platforms, virtual sets, chroma-keying, graphics overlays, and more. VMix can be used for various applications, including live events, sports, worship services, and corporate events.

YoloBox Pro is an all-in-one live streaming solution that offers similar functionality to VMix but in a compact hardware package. It includes 3 HDMI inputs 1 x USB , 1×3.5mm Audio 1, a smart Type c input, and 1 x HDMI output for Program out, as well as features like live switching, graphics overlays, and streaming to multiple platforms. YoloBox Pro is designed for portable live streaming and is especially useful for on-the-go events or small-Medium scale productions. and streaming

VMix is available in several different editions, with prices ranging from US$60 for the Basic edition to US$1,200 for the Pro edition. Each edition includes different features and capabilities, so the cost will depend on your specific needs. However, you have to have a very powerful and costly computer to handle all the video sources, which may cost you from US$ 2000- US$ 5000 depending on your needs

In comparison, YoloBox Pro is much less expensive than VMix, with a price tag of around USD 1299. And this includes the hardware unit consisting of an 8-inch high-quality monitor, it doubled up as a recorder and encoder too, which makes it a more convenient option for portable live video mixing and streaming.

VMix is software that runs on a computer, so it is not as portable as YoloBox. However, it can be installed on a laptop (Powerful and high-performance type), which makes it more portable than a desktop computer setup. VMix can also be used with external hardware controllers for easier operation.

YoloBox is a compact hardware unit that is designed for portable live streaming. It includes a built-in battery, so you can use it in locations without access to power. YoloBox is also lightweight and easy to carry, which makes it a great option for on-the-go productions.

Other factors:
VMix offers more advanced features and capabilities than YoloBox, but it requires a more powerful computer to run smoothly. YoloBox is more straightforward to use, but it may not be suitable for larger or more complex productions.

In summary, VMix is a powerful software solution for live video production and streaming, while YoloBox is an all-in-one hardware unit designed for portable live streaming. The choice between the two will depend on your specific needs and budget.


Yolobox Pro

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