5 Best Wireless Video Transmission System Device for Cameras

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Wireless video transmission devices have become essential components in modern-day shoots since they eliminate the need for wires which can get in the way and be potential hazards. These devices are also extremely useful in outdoor or action shots involving a lot of movement. 

Older cameras require wires that need to be constantly plugged in, but with advancements in technology, specifically wireless technology, cameras are graced with this feature. The best thing about new features in cameras is that they are not restricted to the video quality; they also cover different facets of the equipment, hence the wireless video transmission device. 

That said, many companies manufacture and sell these types of device, but the problem is not all of them are on par with the rigorous demands of today’s videos. This problem begs the question, “how can we find the best wireless video transmission devices for cameras?” Read the article to find out. 

How Does Wireless Video Transmission Work?

All wireless devices rely on transmitters and receivers that communicate data between one another. This concept is also what wireless video transmission devices use to transmit audio and video data wirelessly, creating an efficient and harmless method of recording audio video presentations. 

Simply put, wireless video transmission is the process of transmitting your videos to any device without needing different wires or cables. Any device capable of receiving wireless transmissions can be used as a recipient, including mobile phones since there is an app specifically made for that. 

Because of these capabilities, wireless video transmission devices are perfect for these situations: 

  • When the camera is at an awkward angle, requiring precise adjustments
  • When clients need to give real-time feedback to the shots 
  • If the director needs to be in the shot as well 
  • Any situation where coordination between the camera operator and director is crucial

As you might have noticed, these are specific examples regarding the use of the device, but this device is mainly built to anticipate particular situations, so you are never lost if you have a wireless video transmission device in tow. 

5 Wireless Transmission Devices for Cameras

Now that we have covered how this device works and in which particular situations they are best used let us discuss the devices that give you the most bang for your buck. Indeed, devices that simply do their job aren’t enough today, so those with features that go above and beyond what’s expected are the ones who stand out. 

That said, here are the 5 best wireless transmission devices for cameras: 

  1. Hollyland Cosmo C1 Wireless SDI/HDMI Transmission System
Hollyland Cosmo C1 Wireless Transmission System


The Hollyland Cosmo C1 Wireless Transmission System is an all-around device that ticks all the boxes when it comes to things you look for in transmission devices. This device can transmit video and audio up to 1000ft, with 1080p HD video quality. Couple those features with the ability to connect either SDI or HDMI devices, then you really have a fantastic device on your hands. 

Another outstanding feature of the Cosmo C1 is the Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) technology that automatically switches to the best frequency available. There’s no more need to fine-tune between frequencies since this device already does it for you. 

  1. Vaxis Storm 3000 Wireless Video Transmission System
Vaxis Storm 3000


The most challenging type of shoot is the outdoor shoot since you’re constantly battling the weather and other elements, which can damage your equipment if you’re not careful or they’re not sturdy enough. Luckily for you, the Vaxis Storm 3000 is built for such conditions. Wrapped up in solid metal housing, the components inside the device are well protected. 

This device also comes with v-mount battery plates, allowing you to use v-mount batteries for more extended operations. As for the quality, it can transmit 1080p videos, and you also have the option to use 3G-SDI and HDMI inputs, giving you the power to choose from a wide variety of input options. 

  1. Teradek Bolt 4K 1500 TX/RX Wireless Transmission System
Teradek Bolt 4K 1500 TX/RX


One of the priorities in video transmission is the ability to transmit to multiple devices simultaneously. With the capability to transmit to 6 receivers at the same time, the Teradek Bolt 4K 1500 TX/RX is one of the best choices if you’re working with a big team where different perspectives are needed for a single shot. 

This device also boasts a feature of transmitting up to 1500ft, and 8x the performance compared to previous iterations of the Bolt wireless video transmission device. You also can access different features of the device using the Bolt App, available on both iOS and Android. 

  1. Vaxis Atom 500 SDI Wireless Video Transmission Kit
Vaxis Atom 500 SDI


One of the main concerns regarding devices used for video shoots is the threat of overheating. This concern is not a baseless one since these devices undergo many processes under the hood, which can have adverse effects on the devices. Luckily for you, the Vaxis Atom 500 SDI has an automatic temperature control that eliminates this overheating problem. 

The automation also doesn’t end in temperature control, as this device automatically chooses the best channel to transmit to upon opening. Coupled with the easy-to-use OLED screen and ATOM app, it is relatively easy to operate and get used to. 

  1. Teradek Ace 500 Wireless Video Transmission System
Teradek Ace 500


It’s no secret that shoots can take their toll on the camera operators due to the weight of the devices used, but with the Teradek ACE 500, that wouldn’t be a problem since this wireless video transmission device is ultra-lightweight and portable. 

This device also boasts a range of 500ft. Also known as the line of sight range. As for the quality, the ACE 500 can transmit videos in 1080p, which is on par with devices of its kind. The last crucial detail about this device is its affordability. You can get all of the features discussed for only a fraction of the cost you would spend on other devices, which makes it a good choice for those on a budget. 


These are the 5 best wireless video transmission devices for your cameras. Whatever qualities you might look for in this type of device, there is sure to be something for your preference in this list. If you want to get one or maybe a couple of the devices discussed above, let us at Expandore help you with that!

We at Expandore are committed to bringing you only the highest quality equipment, and being in the business for over 28 years, our track record speaks for itself. We ensure that whatever your video-making needs, there’s something in our inventory to address them. 

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