Your New All-In-One Multimedia Device: A Look at The Yololiv Yolobox and the Yolobox Pro

Yolobox Pro

Most of the media we consume today goes through many processes before being deemed worthy of being put out. Editing, proper audio mixing, and a lot of post-processing are involved, and these processes also include tons of equipment. Those involved in video making might need to watch videos online as well for reference, and that’s another piece of equipment they need to have.

The amount of equipment involved and the amount of money it will cost can sometimes deter would-be videomakers from producing a high-quality recording. But what if we tell you there is a device that can do all of those processes and more? If we have piqued your interest, read more to find out about the Yololiv Yolobox and the Yolobox Pro.

Yololiv Yolobox


Say goodbye to expensive and bulky equipment that takes a considerable chunk of your time to set up. With the Yololiv Yolobox, you will only need one device to manage all your post-processing needs. You can produce high-quality videos using a single device, which you can also use for streaming on up to three platforms simultaneously. Producing videos have never been this easy.


  • All in one multimedia device: With its encoding, switching, and recording functions, you will never have to find tools that do all of those things separately.
  • Multiple connectivity function: The Yolobox can accommodate DSLR cameras, smartphones, drones, and computers. There is also a sim card port on the device, allowing you to use your mobile network for outdoor shoots. A line-in mic slot and headphone slot are also included so that you can listen to the audio quality of your recording.
  • HD live streaming: Your audience can enjoy an HD live streaming experience. You can stream on up to three platforms simultaneously (YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook.)
  • Touch screen functionality: You will never be bogged down by confusing buttons on the device; operate the device as you would use your smartphone, and you’re good to go.

Video making is hard enough, don’t make it harder on yourself by purchasing expensive and confusing devices that require a lot of technical knowledge to operate. Suppose you are an aspiring vlogger or a professional video maker looking for an easier way to enhance the quality of your work. In that case, the Yololiv Yolobox is the perfect device for you.

Yololiv Yolobox Product Page 

Yololiv Yolobox Pro

Yolobox Pro

Yolobox Pro is an upgraded version of Yolobox. The key difference you will notice right off the bat is the screen size upgraded to 8 inches from 7 inches. Another thing that was added is the ability of the Yolobox Pro to be a video monitor. Performance enhancements have also been applied with an all-new, more powerful processor for the Pro.

Everything you enjoy about the Yolobox can be enjoyed in the Yolobox Pro, with the addition of excellent new functions as well. With just a slight bump in the cost, you too can reap the benefits of owning the Pro. The Pro is still relatively inexpensive compared to individual post-processing equipment, so you can still produce studio-quality videos without spending studio levels of cash.


  • A multimedia device, and more: As mentioned earlier, the Yolobox Pro doubles as a video monitor now. Features like encoding, switching, and recording are still present and enjoy faster processing due to the improved processor. You can also use the Yolobox Pro for audio mixing, truly making it your all-in-one multimedia companion.
  • Multiple simultaneous connections: The Yolobox Pro can accommodate 3 HDMI inputs, one HDMI output, and a USB-C port. You can switch from up to 8 video sources using the Pro.
  • Simultaneous streaming: Gamers and streamers who stream on multiple platforms can enjoy the simultaneous streaming feature the Yolobox and the Yolobox Pro has. The Yolobox Pro has a slight edge due to having a faster processor, ensuring high-quality, lag-free, and crash-free streaming. 
  • Add catchy effects to your videos: Both the Yolobox and Yolobox Pro can add graphical overlays to your videos, giving them a professional look. Adding these effects is a breeze, too, with the touch screen functionality of both devices.

The Yolobox Pro has a larger screen size and a faster processor. If you feel that your projects might need the additional power that the Yolobox Pro provides, then Pro is the way to go.

Yololiv Yolobox Pro Product Page


The quality of the media that we consume has come a long way. Even if you compare videos from the advent of YouTube to the quality of videos today, the difference is night and day. Technology has allowed videos, music, and other forms of media to progress by leaps and bounds, so it is of utmost importance to keep up with the trend.

If you are looking for a device that will give your projects a noticeable edge, then you are already in the right place. Expandore offers a plethora of products that will enhance the quality of your multimedia projects, and the quality of the products themselves are top-notch.

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Please visit the product page of both the Yololiv Yolobox and Yolobox Pro to find out more about the product, and explore the website for other things that you might need to make your fantastic project even more awesome.

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